Richtlinien für das Geschäftsgebaren in der ROHM-Gruppe

We establish ROHM Group BUSINESS CONDUCT GUIDELINES as a code of ethics for implementation of Our Company Policies embodied by "COMPANY MISSION", "BASIC MANAGEMENT POLICY" and other statements in order to maintain and improve society's trust toward the business activities of the ROHM Group by manifesting what all directors, officers and employees of ROHM Group should comply.


1-1.Compliance with Laws, Business Ethics and In-house rules, and Respect for International standards

We conduct our business observing the laws, business ethics and in-house rules in order to continue to gain the trust of various stakeholders as a company in compliance with the laws.
We also, in line with the globalization of business activities, respect the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), ISO26000, Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct and other international standards of behavior.

1-1-1. Fair Action
We act with virtue and fairness based on good social sense. We are fully conscious of our social responsibility, that the Company is a public entity of society, and with the awareness that we as individuals represent the Company.
1-1-2. Compliance with Laws and Business Ethics
We always conduct our business faithfully in strict compliance with the laws and business ethics. We continually work to collect, manage and understand the laws and regulations of each country that are relevant to our business.
1-1-3. Elimination of Unreasonable Demands
We shall show fortitude against anti-social powers and/or groups and will not bow to unreasonable demands.
1-1-4. Correction, Prevention of Recurrence and Strict Action against Law Violation
In the event where there is doubt that our business activity may be in violation of the law or of any business ethics, we will report this to each superior or to the appropriate related division (e.g. compliance hotline). Moreover, in case the violation or possible violation of the law is discovered, we will promptly correct the condition, plan for the prevention of recurrence (or occurrence) and deal strictly with the act of violation.
Accordingly, we will not tolerate any negative treatment against any person or group who reports possible illegal activity, violation of the law and/or of business ethics.
1-1-5. Prevention of Bribery
We understand and agree with the importance and necessity of preventing corruption, as dictated by international agreements and standards, such as the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), ISO26000, or Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct, etc.
As result, we do not engage in any form of bribery or action, which may be otherwise deemed as bribery or invite suspicion, to any country's governmental agency, to members in official positions, nor to politicians for the purpose of gaining improper benefit or advantage.
1-1-6. Prohibition of Providing or Receiving Excessive Entertainments
We do not provide gifts, meals or other channels of financial advantage to our customers or other business associates beyond the bounds of what is socially acceptable.
Furthermore, we are most cautious with any offer of entertainment or gifts from our suppliers and will not accept anything which may result in personal profit.


2-1. Preservation of the Global Environment

We recognize that the materials, energy and other resources that are necessary for our production activities are greatly blessed with various gifts from the Earth and its biodiversity.
With this thought, at all of our business locations, we conduct environmental activities in harmony with natural surroundings, to ensure a better environment for the next generation.

2-1-1. Preservation of the Global Environment
In order to preserve the global environment and contribute to achieve a sustainable society, we develop our business activities, products and services based on the international environmental standards (ISO14000). We also openly disclose information regarding our environmental activities and maintain open communications. Should any environmental problem occur, we will take appropriate action to minimize any impact on the environment.
2-1-2. Pursuit of Cyclical Operation
We aim to avoid waste of limited resources and energy, and try to reduce and recycle waste in our business activities such as procurement of materials, development, production, and sales.
We also aim to have factories and offices environmentally friendly and comfortable for people working there, and make energy-saving efforts.
2-1-3. Development of Environmental Friendly Technologies
We strive to develop helpful technologies, such as energy-saving technologies, that aid in the preservation of the global environment. We also make use of these technologies in our products, process and facilities.
Furthermore, we appropriately control chemical substances used in our production processes as defined by laws and regulations and cease or reduce the use of hazardous substances.
2-1-4. Duty as One Citizen
We attempt to preserve the global environment not only in our business activities but also in our private life as citizens of society.

2-2. Disclosure and Publicities

We strive to disclose timely, appropriate, effective, and extensive information regarding the business operations of the ROHM Group to our stakeholders.
Additionally, we collect information from the public and take input and opinions seriously in order to gain public trust as a "transparent company".

2-2-1. Disclosure of Information
We disclose timely, fairly and actively our corporate information in accordance with both legal requirements and our company policies. This includes relevant information on corporate principles, management policies, business activities and social contributions of the ROHM Group to our stakeholders.
2-2-2. Dialogue with Society by Public Relations
We aim to enhance transparency in management and obtain trust from the public by properly informing the ideas and substance of the management of the ROHM Group.
At the same time, we take the opinions from the public seriously, and incorporate the feedback into our business activities to enhance our corporate value.
2-2-3. Accurate and Truthful Records and Reports
We appropriately record and report information based on fair accounting principals and facts. Accordingly, we pay tax obligations in compliance with the applicable tax laws.
We aim to pay attention to the interests of all stakeholders and hold in high esteem the other party's position. Our aim is to establish and foster the relationship of mutual trust through disclosure of information.

2-3. Social and Cultural Activities

We contribute to community through our business. Moreover, as good corporate citizens of society, we actively conduct community-related and cultural activities, as well as lend support to those activities, in order to help the development of a civilized and sound society.

2-3-1. Harmony with the Local Community
We aim to contribute to social development and soundness as good corporate citizens by harmonizing with the local community. Moreover, we actively participate in --and support volunteer activities--, building close relationships with the local community, in turn, activating the community and creating a better social environment.
2-3-2. Cultural Activities and Support
We contribute to the promotion and progress of art and science through our cultural activities and support for such activities.
We also support cultural activities through support of public institutions, such as foundations.
2-3-3. Contribution and Sponsorship
In responding to the community as well as social needs, we support contribution and sponsorship of social development, progress and improvement of culture.


3-1. Research and Development

Always considering quality as our top priority, we will manufacture world competitive products by making greater effort toward creative invention, discovery, and improvements, and through our manufacturing activities we aim to contribute to the advancement and progress of our culture.
Furthermore, we promote dialogue with our stakeholders, and strive to develop new products, which reduce and resolve various societal challenges, including environmental issues.

3-1-1. Research and Development of World-Leading Products
We always maintain the standpoint of our customers, make every effort to grasp their needs, and strive to provide them with solutions. We endeavor to develop world-leading products, and aim to make our new technologies the industry standard.
In addition, we make every effort that these products can achieve customer satisfaction, and that the goods incorporating our products can be environmentally friendly and help contribute to the further development of mankind.
3-1-2. Improvement of Technology and Respect for Intellectual Property
We strive to improve our own technology in every division. We establish and accumulate the results of our development as our intellectual property, and utilize these effectively in growing our business.
We hold great value for intellectual property rights. As such, we will not use third parties' rights without their permission, nor abuse our own rights.
3-1-3. Global Promotion of Development
We establish development facilities at the best location from a global perspective.
Moreover, we efficiently solve any problems we face in the course of our development activities in cooperation with these facilities all over the world.

3-2. Production

We strive for production activity according to our Company Mission: To keep quality as our top priority, to manufacture products efficiently, to supply sufficient volume at fair prices and contribute to society through quality manufacturing.
We also aim to select the best location for our manufacturing facilities based on a global perspective.

3-2-1. Production Activities Keeping Quality as Top Priority
Throughout every process, to ensure product quality we establish a strict standards and procedures, and perform production activities in accordance with the established standards and procedures.
We will never be satisfied by the status quo. We will strive to continuously achieve increased competitive and efficient production and to reduce costs while maintaining our policy of "Quality is our top priority at all times".
3-2-2. Production for Customers' Trust and Expectation
We always strive to consider our customers' point of view and produce products following changes in customers' needs.
Therefore, we strive to achieve customers' satisfaction in quality, performance, safety and price.
3-2-3. Business Continuity Management (BCM) System
In order to meet supply obligations to our customers, we globally establish and maintain our Business Continuity Management (BCM) system, so that under any difficulty in supplying our products due to natural disasters or any other reason, we can continue our business and, if it is disrupted, we can strive to get the business back to normal as fast as possible.

3-3. Sales

We aim to obtain satisfaction and trust of customers at all times by providing excellent products and appropriate services.
Our intent is to contribute to society through fair and free competition. Accordingly, we perform fair sales activities based on a solid social sense and decency toward our customers.

3-3-1. Customer Oriented Sales Activities and Network Building
We strive to understand our customers' needs and demands precisely, and to actively propose our high-value added products and services accordingly. To accomplish this, we make every effort to acquire broad knowledge -- not only of our products and services, but also of the market --, to inform customers of the function and performance of those products, and to pursue the development of those products and services. We also establish global sales and distribution networks in order to supply the products effectively.
Through all of these activities, we aim to contribute to reducing and resolving various societal challenges.
3-3-2. Customer Satisfaction and Trust
We strive to "provide the highest satisfaction for our customers" by supplying our products and services with excellent quality and performance both timely and accurately. We also strive to develop customers' trust in us by interacting with customers with solid social sense and propriety. In addition, we strive to have customers understand the view of the ROHM Group while paying attention to customers' opinion and providing feedback internally.
3-3-3. Implementation of Fair Sales Activities
In line with the globalization of business, we value free-market competition and practice fair sales activities. We pursue neither sales nor profit unless we comply with the law, social ethics, and contractual obligations. We will not violate any law, social ethics or contractual obligations nor engage in any unlawful or unethical conduct, such as anticompetitive behavior (cartel), collusive bidding, fictitious transactions, restraining of selling prices, etc.
Moreover, we comply with import/export laws and regulations in order to contribute to a peaceful and safe international community.

3-4. Procurement

Our business relies on the cooperation and support of those engaged in various roles/fields. This includes the supply of necessary materials and intermediate goods.
Upon procurement of necessary materials, intermediate goods or subcontracting our work, we appreciate a mutual trust with our suppliers from various countries, and strive to prosper together.

3-4-1. Equal and Fair Dealings
Upon procurement of necessary materials, intermediate goods or subcontracting our work, we respect the independent management of our suppliers, and with modesty, we make efforts to deal with suppliers on an equal and fair basis. In particular, we comply with the law which relates to the purchase transactions and will never abuse our position to force suppliers into unfair circumstances. Further to this, our intention is to improve the quality and reliability of our supplier's products by securing quality assurance through our contractual agreements.
3-4-2. Fair Selection of Suppliers
We open our doors globally to suppliers, and aim to give all suppliers equal opportunity in working with ROHM. Our purchasing procedure is clear and concise. The criteria by which we select our suppliers is fair and rational and is based upon: quality, delivery, price, safety, compliance with the law, respect for social ethics, environmental preservation, respect for human rights, maintenance of health and safety, and elimination of anti-social forces and/or groups.
3-4-3. CSR Procurement
We strongly encourage our suppliers to understand our CSR procurement policy. In addition, we strive to implement the practice of green procurement throughout our suppliers in accordance with Green Procurement Guidelines.
3-4-4. Conflict Minerals
We strive for the protection of human rights, as such, we aim not to use conflict minerals as raw materials, that benefit armed groups in disputed regions whose activities are linked to human rights violations.

3-5. Brand and Public Relations (PR)

We strive to inform stakeholders of the management policy, products, technology and other activities of the ROHM Group through our public relations (PR) activities. Throughout our PR activity, we aim to promote the ROHM brand and its company value.
We also aim to develop our sales promotion and business by improving the trust and goodwill of our brand.

3-5-1. Value of ROHM Brand
The ROHM brand is an important business resource. We understand and share the philosophy of the brand and aim to enhance its value.
3-5-2. Fair and Appropriate Content
We release fair and appropriate content in our public relations activities based on accurate, fact-based information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
We observe public order and morality, and do not express anything unjust which may lead to falsehood, slander, social discrimination, infringement of human rights, and so on.
3-5-3. Enhancement of Trust and Name Recognition
We aim to enhance trust in our technology, products and brand recognition through our public relations efforts and activities and gain sympathy of many people.

3-6. Safety of Our Products

We strive to secure the safety of our products in all aspects of our business activities. One of our top priorities is the security and safety of our customers (including the end users) who use our products.

3-6-1. Quality First
We strive to conduct our development, production, and sales activities with full attention to quality and safety as our top priority in accordance with the legal requirements as well as our internal rules and standards.
We strive to secure high functioning, high performance and reliability while assuring no product liability issue can arise.
3-6-2. Provision of Correct and User Friendly Information
In order to prevent misuse, improper use and accidents, we provide our customers with "information about safety" including usage environment and usage patterns using comprehensible displays and explanations.
3-6-3. Our Action when an Accident Occurs
If we receive information concerning the safety of our products, we will immediately conduct an investigation to uncover the facts.
In the event we discover problems in the safety of our products, we will faithfully and promptly investigate the root cause and will act to prevent the expansion and recurrence of the problem.

3-7. Management of Confidential and Individual Information

We thoroughly and securely manage information acquired through our business activities including confidential information of the ROHM Group, third parties, and privacy information of individuals concerned.

3-7-1. Appropriate Information Management
We hold the appropriate management of information in line with international standards (ISO27001). These include confidential information as well as management data.
We acquire information by lawful means and handle it with necessary care, to prevent leakage, and/or illegal use of the information.
3-7-2. Prohibition of Insider Trading
We will never engage in insider trading, using unannounced or confidential information obtained through our business dealings. We will never convey such information to others within or outside the Company, including to our immediate families, relatives and/or friends.
3-7-3. Handling of Individual Information
We consider the importance of individual information received throughout our business, and will obtain, use and discard it with the appropriate method, so that there will be no loss, falsification or leakages.
3-7-4. Correspondence to the Highly Developed Information Era
We work in line with the highly developed information era, and strive to transmit and receive appropriate information effectively and efficiently via the system of information networks. When using the information network system, we pay close attention to potential plagiarism and/or falsification of information by third parties, as well as the leakage of information. We respect and protect third-party information and make efforts to prevent negative or false information.
3-7-5. Private Use of Social Media
When we use social media privately as an individual, we do so with moral integrity and in compliance with the law and in-house rules. Through the use of social media or other exchange, we will not send any confidential information or individual information obtained via our business.


4-1. Respect for Humanity and Personality

We respect the individuality and personality of each employee and ensure sound and stable lives of our employees.
In addition, we understand the diversity of cultures, customs and other values of each country and region. We encourage an open and comfortable office environment.

4-1-1. Maintenance and Improvement of Labor Conditions
We value the individuality of each and every employee. We aim to build diversified systems to handle personnel and employment as well as improve working conditions, in order for employees to feel affluent and comfortable.
4-1-2. Safe and Comfortable Office Environment
We strive to secure a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment. In order to prevent work-related accidents, we comply with relevant laws and regulations, and in line with international standards (OHSAS18001), make every effort to maintain occupational health and safety management programs.
If any accident occurs in the workplace, we will promptly take appropriate measures, and strive to prevent the expansion and recurrence.
4-1-3. Realization of Work-Life Balance
We realize that there are diverse working styles. We support work-life balance and strive to maximize possibilities in promoting job satisfaction.
4-1-4. Respect of Privacy
We respect the privacy of individuals. We pay close attention when dealing with personal data and ensure the appropriate management of it.
4-1-5. Respect of Human Rights and Prohibition of Discrimination
We respect human rights and other rights of everyone. We do not allow discriminatory words, behavior or treatment.
4-1-6. Understanding of Diversity
We respect the diversity of cultures, customs and other values of each country and region.
4-1-7. Maintenance of Good Human Relations
We aim to maintain good human relations and strive to make our workplace fair and clear by avoidance of any abuse of powers and any negative words or behavior unwanted by others.
4-1-8. Prohibition of Child Labor and Forced Labor
We comply with labor laws and regulations related to employment, wage and other labor conditions. We will not allow labor of children and forced or unfair labor unwanted by employees.

4-2. Development of Human Resources and Company

We always strive to acquire new knowledge and become a leader in the field. We aspire to becoming a company sharing its spirit with employees and conducting its business in close cooperation of every level of employees.
We encourage mutual development of the Company and its employees.

4-2-1. Development of Human Resources
We consider the development of human resources as a foundation for permanent prosperity of our company. Any person in the position of leadership will serve as a model of good behavior and positive attitude. He/She will make every effort to encourage colleagues, toward professional growth as employees and positive growth as individuals of society.
Accordingly, we continue to seek capable human resources and look for means to foster their humanitarianism, intellect, broad knowledge, deep insight, specialty and an international sense.
4-2-2. Self-Development
We always behave with decency, perform our responsibilities with the utmost integrity, and continuously work to develop ourselves.
4-2-3. Maintenance of Company's Assets
We effectively use and maintain the Company's tangible and intangible assets. We do not commit any acts, illegal or personal, that may otherwise damage or diminish the value of our assets.
4-2-4. Prevention of Risks
We assume and analyze every risk in our business activities, and strive to prevent them on a daily basis.
4-2-5. Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest
We will not commit any act that may bring conflicting interests between the Company and individuals.