Die Laserdioden der RLD82xxJx-Serie wurden für Bewegungssensoranwendungen entwickelt

Low-Profile Infrared Laser Diodes for Motion Sensor and Gesture Input

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In recent years motion sensing has garnered increased attention, with motion sensor modules integrated into gaming devices for gesture control, providing a new type of user interface. For example, optical modules using infrared laser diodes and infrared LEDs are being increasingly adopted as input devices in PCs and portable equipment.
The RLD82xxJx series of laser diodes, designed for use as light sources for motion sensor modules, features an oscillation wavelength of 820nm (safe region) and a maximum light output of 220mW. This ensures sufficient performance in near-field (~3m) applications.
They are available in two package types, the standard φ5.6mm CAN package and a low-profile (t=1.55mm) design - ideal for thinner module applications and sets where space is an issue.

Highlight 1: High efficiency + Excellent temperature characteristics

High optical conversion efficiency (1.0W/A) was achieved by utilizing advanced production technology and adopting a laser diode design created for optical discs. This ensures sufficient output for motion sensor modules. Also, output linearity is maintained even at 85C, providing stable, continuous operation.

High efficiency + Excellent temperature characteristics

Highlight 2: Compact, low-profile package

In addition to the standard φ5.6mm CAN package, a low-profile (t=1.55mm) model is offered for use in applications with restrictive space requirements.

 Compact, low-profile package


Optical Output (Max.) Package
φ5.6 Low-Profile 3-Pin


- Light sources for 3D distance, security, and general-purpose sensors, motion sensor modules for gesture input with PCs and portable devices

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