4-Kanal-PWM-Dimm-LED-Treiber BD9428

LED Driver for LCD Backlighting Features Industry-Leading Efficiency

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The BD9428 is designed to save power using high efficiency technology in LED backlighting applications such as LCD TVs and monitors.
A 4ch high voltage (80V max.) high current (250mA/ch) LED driver is included, providing greater versatility.

DIP16 Package

Highlight 1: High voltage/current capability supports a wide range of panel sizes

■Key Features
  • Integrated 4ch (250mA/ch) 80V LED driver‥‥‥①
  • Built-in noise reduction circuit‥‥‥②
  • Internal soft start function reduces inrush current‥‥‥③
  • 10V swing output can drive enternal MOSFET for DC/DC‥‥‥④
Block Diagram

Highlight 2: High efficiency operation

A high efficiency system ROHM's patented design optimizes the supply voltage from the driver to the LEDs, reducing the power consumption of the entire LED backlighting system.
A high efficiency system


■ LCD TVs and monitors/td> Applications LCD TVs and monitors

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