BM92Txx USB Type-C Compatible Power Delivery Controllers

USB Type-C Power Delivery Controller ICs -BM92Txx Series-

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BM92TxxMWV Series is compatible with the latest USB Type-C Rev1.1 and USBPD Rev2.0 specifications, enabling support with not only conventional USB power delivery (7.5W max.) but the newly expanded range as well up to 100W (20V/5A).
This will make it possible to drive equipment with larger power requirements, such as TVs and PCs via USB, while at the same time enable conventional USB-equipped portable devices to be charged up to 4 times faster.

Key Features

  • USB Type-C Rev1.1 and Power Delivery Rev2.0 compliant
  • Voltage and current values negotiated for optimum power delivery
  • Enables power source switching without changing direction
  • Multiple power delivery Provides safe variable voltage control (i.e. 5V → 20V, 20V → 12V) optimize charging performance
  • Standalone operation possible without CPU
  • Proprietary high voltage processes and circuit technology minimize number of external parts required

Feature 1:Supports up to 100W power supply via USB Type-C connector

With the new PD standard, optimum power delivery is enabled up to 100W (20V/5A) through multiple voltage/current combinations determined by automatic negotiation of a power contract performed between USB Type-C connected devices to ensure selection of the ideal power profile.
Furthermore, the Provider (Supply) and Consumer (Receiver) sides can be switched, allowing power delivery in both directions.
Charging power is detemined and adjusted based on system requirements for superior efficiency, allowing even 36W (12V/3A) devices to be charged over 4x faster than conventional USB BC1.2 (5V/1.5A) specifications.

USB PD Application Examples

Feature 2:DisplayPort Alternate Mode compatibility eliminates the need for dedicated video ports

USB Type-C pin layout

Support for DisplayPort Alternate Mode control is also provided for carrying video signals ove USB, eliminating the need for dedicated video ports in laptops and other devices.
The capability to deliver high-speed data, video, and an unprecedented amount of power over a single USB cable represents a breakthrough achievement that is expected to improve convenience while significantly reducing clutter and waste.


Part No.
Application Examples
BM92T10MWV Receiver/Supply Application ExamplesReceiver/Supply
BM92T30MWV Receiver/Supply
Alternate Mode)
Application ExamplesReceiver/Supply + Alternate Mode
BM92T20MWV AC Adapters
(ACDC Supply)
Application ExamplesSupply
BM92T50MWV DC Input
Application ExamplesSupply

Related Information

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