ROHM Illumination 2015

ROHM Illumination 2015 Luminous Promenade

ROHM presents a display of lights in the vicinity of the Head Office building, starting on Thursday, November 26 until Friday, December 25.

Along with the upcoming opening of the new music and performing arts venue "ROHM Theatre Kyoto" in January 2016, the theme of this 17th ROHM Illumination is "Light and Music," with approximately 800,000 lights accompanied by music bringing festive joy to the chilly Kyoto winter.

The two bayberry trees about 10 meters tall at the intersection of Gojo-dori and Sai-dori street are symbolic trees giving everyone a warm welcome. Also, a giant LED display ,13.5m high by 9m wide, and LED balls scattered over the grass collaborate in ever-changing patterns for the illumination show "Ensemble of Lights."

Illumination concerts will be held during the event. We look forward to your attendance.

Event Information

Event name ROHM Illumination 2015
Date/Times Nov. 26 (Thu.) – Dec. 25 (Fri.), every day/
16:45 - 22:00
Number of lights Approx. 800,000
  • An increase of 200,000 from last year
  • Among the largest in Kyoto City
The number of decorated trees 82 (14 more than last year)
Location Vicinity of ROHM Head Office, along Sai-dori and Chudojiminami-dori, and Nagura Park
• By municipal bus: 5 minutes on foot from Nishioji-Gojo bus stop
• By JR train line: JR Kyoto Station, municipal bus to Nishioji Hanaya-cho, 5 minutes on foot
15 minutes on foot from JR Tambaguchi Station or JR Nishioji Station
• By Hankyu train line: 15 minutes on foot from Hankyu Saiin Station
15 minutes on foot from Hankyu Nishi-Kyogoku Station
Admission fee Free

ROHM Illumination 2015 Highlights

Ensemble of Light

Location: large lawn next to Nagura Park

1. "Ensemble of Light," an ever-evolving show of enchanting light and music
ROHM is proud to present the illumination show "Ensemble of Light." The giant LED display, 13.5 meters high by 9 meters wide, and LED balls spangled across the lawn glow create romantic atmosphere with classical music. The number of LEDs of the giant display has been approximately doubled to deliver more refined and delicate imagery. Don't miss this magnificent, coordinated ensemble of music and lights.

Reindeer Band Concert

Location: large lawn next to Nagura Park

2. Sound-coordinated giant LED display brings you an interactive "Reindeer Band Concert"!
At the Ensemble of Light venue, we present an interactive music-and-light Reindeer Band Concert for people of all ages only on weekends and holiday! Touching a panel in time with the stars appearing on the giant LED display makes Reindeer Band play the instruments prettily. Three people can use the panels to play at the same time and select among nine instruments to enjoy a wide range of timbres. We are sure you will enjoy this immersive harmony of light and music.
As the limitation of participators, visitors have to pick up the numbered tickets to play.

Wholehearted live

Location: Intersection of Gojo-dori and Sai-dori st.

3. Two symbolic bayberry trees stand watch over "wholehearted love"
Two bayberry trees, each about 10 meters tall, recognized as symbol of ROHM Illumination, stand at the intersection of Gojo-dori and Sai-dori to welcome visitors into the light show's entrance. The rounded trees are decorated manly with white-based lights, but also with a refined luminous palette. The bayberry's "language of flowers" represents wholehearted, single-minded devotion of love.
As the language of flowers, the two trees shed light on warmth of love and depth of devotion for visitors.

Luminous Promenade

Location: Sai-dori st.

4. A symphony of splendid lights and music create a magical atmosphere "Luminous Promenade"
Passing through the two bayberries, visitors can walk down Sai-dori, where 20 metasequoias lined up along the sidewalks. These trees are bedecked with lights to bright up the entire street warmly. This year, the trees are not only illuminated but also ornamented with charming musical motifs, such as musical notes and instruments.
Please pay your attention to the color-expressions of illumination along with seasons of tree from autumn to winter as well as the combinations of lights and music.

Map of Illumination Highlights

Map of Illumination Highlights

Illumination Concerts

Illumination Concerts by the ROHM Symphonic Band, formed by music-loving ROHM employees!

Illumination ROHM concert

The ROHM Symphonic Band was formed in 2006 by ROHM employees who love music. Their main activities, in addition to the Illumination Concerts, include performances at in-house events and guest performances at social welfare facilities and regional events.
 The ROHM Symphonic Band belongs to the Kyoto Prefectural Amateur Brass Federation, and is expanding its activities year by year under the word of "Bringing Smiles Through Music!" This year, the band presented concerts two days, November 26 (Thu.) and November 28 (Sat.) in front of the main building at ROHM Head Office. The selection of pieces was attractive people of all ages.


Features of ROHM Illumination 2015

Eco-Friendly Lighting
ROHM has been planting trees and vegetation in the vicinity of our Head Office, with the concept of "a factory in a forest," and with the goal of beautifying our beloved home city of Kyoto. We also took the environment into consideration in mounting this holiday light show, using "green power" from renewable energy sources, and using carbon offsets from CO2 emissions reductions achieved through environmental activities to compensate for the CO2 emitted as a result of the illuminations.
ROHM will continue not only boosting our business performance as a semiconductor manufacturer, but also making wide-ranging positive contributions to society through environmental, cultural, and community activities.