Industry-Low 34 mΩ ON-Resistance Superjunction MOSFETs


ROHM has recently announced the development of the R5050DNZ0C9 (500V/50A, 34mΩ) high-voltage power MOSFET featuring the industry's lowest ON resistance designed for power conditioners used in photovoltaic power generation.

The market for photovoltaic power generation, a form of renewable energy, continues to expand with the increased awareness for greater energy conservation. Improvements in power conversion efficiency in power conditioners used for photovoltaic power generation increase the demand for lower-loss power MOSFETs. ROHM has previously utilized a multilayer epitaxial growth method in order to provide power MOSFETs featuring a superjunction structure that aligns multiple vertical p-n junctions for greater efficiency. However, the manufacturing process proved to be extremely complex, making it difficult to improve miniaturization or productivity.

This time ROHM adopted a deep silicon etching process in which the vertical p layers are all formed at once, reducing ON-resistance by approximately 47% compared to conventional products while contributing to greater miniaturization and optimization of impurity concentrations. These MOSFETs are not only ideal for use in converters, which are easily affected by low ON-resistance, but are also suitable for inverters when combined with other components, such as ROHM fast-recovery diodes and SiC Schottky barrier diodes. They also minimize loss during power conversion for improved efficiency during photovoltaic power generation. The products are offered in a high heat dissipation TO247PLUS package.

Key Features

  1. Industry's lowest ON-resistance
  2. Offered in a high heat dissipation package (TO247PLUS)

Superjunction Structure Using Deep Silicon Etching

Superjunction Structure Using Deep Silicon Etching

Deep silicon etching technology utilized to form the vertical p layers all at once, simplifying processing while contributing to greater miniaturization.

ON-resistance reduced by 47% (Conventional product considered to be 1)

ON-resistance reduced by 47% (Conventional product considered to be 1)


  1. ON-Resistance
    This is the most important parameter which influences the performance of power MOSFETs. The lower the value the greater the performance
  2. Superjunction MOSFET
    A type of power MOSFET that features lower loss than conventional products through a broadening of the three-dimensional depletion layer.
  3. SiC (Silicon Carbide)
    A compound semiconductor featuring excellent solid state characteristics with approximately three times the band gap, ten times the dielectric breakdown field, and three times the thermal coefficient of silicon, making it ideal for use in power device applications and/or high-temperature operation. ROHM began mass production of SiC Schottky barrier diodes in April 2010 and MOSFETs in December 2010.