ROHM/SONY Co-Developed an Analog Single-Chip LSI for "Single Wire Interface Technology"


ROHM Co., Ltd. (Kyoto-based), in collaboration with Sony Corporation (Tokyo-based), has developed an analog single-chip LSI designed to support the "Single Wire Interface Technology" developed by Sony Corporation. It achieves both bidirectional transmission of several kinds of signals as well as power transmission through a single cable for use in a variety of mobile devices such as cell phones.

This technology achieves bidirectional transmission of several kinds of signals, including video, audio, and control signals, through a single cable, by time division duplexing and multiplexing, also substantially simplifies the internal wiring of mobile devices that can require 20 or more cables by superimposing the power supply and clock on the same signal cable. In addition, ROHM and SONY Corporation have established a transmission system that is unlikely to depend on DC components by using multi-level encoding technology. It enables high speed data transmission at a rate of 940 Mbps within a limited frequency bandwidth when used in combination with power supply transmission, and ensures data transmission speeds needed to transmit large volume data including audio and image data. It thus achieves data transmission speeds that substantially exceed those provided by conventional technologies in the midst of increasing volumes of data transmitted between mobile devices such as smartphones.

In recent years, mobile devices such as cell phones have required 20 or more cables, as the kinds of signals and the volume of data to be processed within the device have been increasing substantially with advancements in functionality. This has created a major bottleneck in designing chassis for foldable cell phones and smartphones that use a sliding keyboard. Under these circumstances, various measures, such as a reduction in the number of cables and use of flexible cables, have been taken so far. However, conventional transmission technologies have involved many obstacles, including small data transmission volume, the need to mount a number of external parts, increases in costs or upsizing of connectors due to the use of flexible cables, and the need for noise control measures.

The Single Wire Interface Technology is an innovative technology that solves the problems aforementioned once and for all, and enables the internal wiring of a mobile device for power supply, audio, sensors, displays, cameras, etc., which had to be connected using individual wires before, to be streamlined through a single cable. To develop this technology, Sony Corporation undertook the development of the digital portion used for multi-level encoding, while ROHM undertook joint-development of the analog portion used to transmit and receive data, thus succeeding in the validation of the test LSI.

ROHM hopes to work on the development of LSI products using this technology in the future. For commercialization, ROHM, which is an LSI manufacturer, will supply the products as single-chip LSIs integrating an analog portion used to transmit and receive data to the market. Using this single-chip LSI in mobile devices achieves not only an improvement in flexibility in designing them, but also simplifies the system design and cuts cost.

Sony Corporation's unique technology and Joint development between ROHM and Sony Corporation
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