Ultra-Compact 1006 Size (0402in) PICOLED™ Series

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Ultra-compact high brightness LEDs


Original high brightness device technology, combined with ultra-fine process technology, are utilized to develop 0.2mm thin LEDs with no brightness degradation (compared to conventional products) - an unprecedented achievement.
Their small size makes them ideal for use in high resolution, high density matrix applications seeking a high degree of expressiveness, such as mobile phone displays.

In addition, high reliability is ensured, with no deterioration in brightness, even after 10,000 hours*.

*Utilizing a high-reliability 4-element (AlInGaP) structure (excluding blue and white LEDs)
SML-P1 Series
External Dimensions

Key Feature 1 : 53% smaller mounting area

The ultra-compact form factor cuts mounting area by 53% over conventional 1608 (0603in) size LEDs while maintaining the same brightness.

 Mounting area reduced53%
ROHM's miniaturization technology

Key Feature 2 : High density mounting possible for high resolution displays

When used for dot matrix displays, the 1.5mm pitch makes high density mounting possible for greater resolution than conventional 1608 (0603in) size products.

High density mounting is possible for high resolution display

Other PICOLED™ Series

NEW  High brightness white PICOLED™

■1006 (0402in) size, high-brightness white LED
ROHM now offers the SMLP12WBC8W high brightness white LEDs in the 1006 size (0402in). This new LED utilizes advanced packaging and device technologies to provide twice the brightness compared with ROHM's conventional white PICOLED (SMLP12WBC7W).

High brightness white LED added to the PICOLED™ lineup External Dimensions

■Electrical Characteristics

Part No. Forward Current
Forward voltage
Light Emission Luminosity
Chromaticity (x,y)
SMLP13WBC8W 5 2.9 150 (0.30,0.30)
 Energy-saving PICOLED™ : PICOLED™ - eco

ROHM's energy-saving lineup of PICOLED™ LEDs, PICOLED™ -eco, not only features less volume and mass than conventional products, power consumption is greatly reduced while still maintaining brightness and wavelength characteristics.
In addition, multiple advanced device technologies are utilized to provide 2.7 times the brightness and 37% less power consumption in the low-current region (1mA), resulting in the brightest, most efficient LEDs in their class.


  1. 2.7 times brighter at 1mA
  2. Contributes to less power consumption in portable devices for longer battery life
  3. Compact, ultra-thin size: 1.0×0.6mm, t=0.2mm
  4. Available in a variety of colors: red, orange, yellow, and green
PICOLED™ - eco
 The industry's smallest, thinnest multi-color LEDs: PICOLED™ - Duo and PICOLED™ - RGB
 Side-view LEDs : PICOLED™-Side

The ultra-low profile (0.2mm) PICOLED™-Side series supports a variety of applications, including keypad backlights in smartphones and sets requiring low profile, high density mounting.

External Dimensions


Smartphones/mobile phones, digital cameras, IC recorders, portable audio players, notebook PCs, battery-driven devices, compact mobile equipment,and other compact equipment


ROHM utilizes the most advanced technologies to develop products optimized to market needs.

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