USB Audio Decoder ICs

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Listen to music on USB memory ROHM USB Audio Decoder IC


Today, high reliability is no longer reserved solely for automotive applications. A growing number of devices require increased reliability in order to meet evolving consumer demands. ROHM meets this need by developing USB audio decoder ICs (BU9457KV: MP3/BU9458KV: MP3, WMA, AAC) featuring ±6kV ESD resistance at the USB terminal. This eliminates the need for external countermeasures for surge noise, such as protection diodes, resistors, and ICs, reducing the number of parts required. Design is also simplified, resulting in a smaller form factor.

Key Features

  1. All components required for music playback from USB/SD memory are built into a single chip, including interface hardware, decoder, file system, and system controller
  2. ±6kV USB terminal ESD resistance
  3. Superior surge noise resistance characteristics (Air: 15kV, Ground: 8kV)
  4. Compact VQFP64 package (12mm to 12mm chip size)
  5. BU9457KV and BU9458KV are both pin- and software-compatible, making upgrades/replacements easy.

Key Feature 1 : Easily enable music playback from USB and SD sources

The built-in system controller eliminates the need for complicated program development/control. Operation is possible via simple commands (i.e. play, fast forward). In addition, board area, design, and usage are simplified compared with conventional 2- and 3-chip systems controlled by a CPU that utilize separate system controllers and audio compression decoders.

This convenient, all-in-one solution adds a USB audio system to even systems not traditionally equipped with audio functionality, such as massage chairs, alarm clocks, and other consumer equipment.

Easily enable music playback from USB and SD sources

Key Feature 2 : Add music functionality to systems without a microcontroller,
such as fitness machines or recliners, by simply connecting the USB audio decoder IC

Select between standalone and slave modes

Key Feature 3 : Automotive-grade reliability

The ESD breakdown resistance at the USB terminal is ±6000V, resulting in improved strength against surge noise. In addition, automotive-grade reliability (15kV air/8kV ground surge resistance) ensure stable operation under a variety of conditions.

USB cable surge resistance characteristics


Mini component stereo systems, car audio, portable music players, car navigation, recliners, and more



Part No. Power Supply
USB Support SD Support I/F Display Data MP3 WMA AAC Audio Output Package
Analog Digital
BU9457KV 3.0to3.6 USB2.0
IIC BUS Folder Number,
File Number,
Playback Time,
Folder Name,
File Name,
Tag Information,
- - - Line IIS SPDIF VQFP64