Normal type ML62Q1300 Group ROM Capacity : 16KB to 64KB

Normal type ML62Q1300 Group ROM Capacity : 16KB to 64KB

The ML62Q1000 series has a wide lineup of ROM capacities and package sizes that take into account common designs and scalability for system optimization.
Therefore, even if the number of terminals and ROM capacity need to be changed, the software assets can be reused, making it ideal as a "platform" for model development.

* U16 Core : LAPIS Technology's original 16bit RISC CPU nX-U16/100 Core

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      Multiple Built-In Safety Functions
      ML62Q1000 series


      ML62Q1000 series System Block Diagram
      • Feature 1: Multiple peripherals
        A wide array of peripheral circuits are built-in, including numerous serial communication circuits, multifunction timers, a high accuracy analog function, and flash memory that supports background operation allows executing the program code while writing to the data flash.
      • Feature 2: Broad lineup
        The broad lineup includes several package types, from 16 to 64 pins, in program memory sizes ranging from 16KB to 64kB. Software-compatible peripheral functions are built in. The similar pin layouts enables flexible changes of package and/or program size.
      • Feature 3: Safe operation
        Some circuits are added to expand the self-test range. Also, the mcu provides functions that prevent crystal oscillation stop by pin leakages or malfunctions at power up and/or at low voltage.

      Complete dual clock system drivers low power consumption

      Complete Dual Clock System

      This system enables selection of low-speed and high-speed clocks for each CPU and peripheral circuit. For example, when the high-speed clock is selected for the CPU and timer operation, the UART is workable at low-speed clock to wait for a receive even if the high-speed needs to be stopped. This provides flexible clock management that can help reduce power consumption considerably.

      LAPIS Technology's MCU Circuit LAPIS Technology's MCU Circuit

      Current Control at Powerup

      Controlling the initial current at the power up and utilizing a low-speed clock as an initial clock minimizes the startup current, allows the operation with a current-limited power supply.

      LAPIS Technology's MCU Power Supply LAPIS Technology's MCU Power Supply

      Product Features

      Feature 1Strong against noise and compatible with high temperatures

      Cleared the highest class (±8kV)
      during IEC61000-4-2 ESD noise testing (also cleared ±30kV)
      Broad operating temperature range: -40°C to +105°C Compatible with high temperatures.

      Quality levelTesting voltage [kV]ML62Q100 series
      Test Result




      Feature 2Enhanced safety functions

      Conventional safety functions
      • RAM parity error
      • RAM guard
      • SFR guard
      • Invalid memory access
      • Oscillation frequency test
      • A/D converter self-test
      NEW!Safety functions
      • Flash memory CRC calculation
      • GPIO self-test
      • UART self-test
      • SSIO self-test
      • I2Cself-test
      • WDT test
      • Clock backup

      8 new functions have been added to the existing safety functions of 'Tough' MCUs (ML62013x series).

      Feature 3Crystal oscillator strong against leakage (Less incidence of oscillation stop ! Safe in case it's stopped !)

      Adopting a crystal oscillator circuit strong against leakage, prevents oscillator stop due to moisture adhesion. Also, the backup RC oscillator prevents system freeze even in case the oscillation happends to stop (48-pin to 100-pin products)

      Feature 4Prevents malfunctions during power up (Prevents overcurrent, FET damage, and DAC noise)

      The voltage detection reset function works at power up or at a low voltage to prevent problems caused by undefined or open output condition of ports.


      ML62Q1000 is ideal for white goods that are becoming more sophisticated and small appliances around the kitchen

      High functionality, High performance and Low power tough MCU "ML62Q1000 series" which is built-in "U16 Core" can use it for the various uses such as consumer electronics, industrial equipment by taking over the noise resistance of "Tough" MCUs and adding to the enhanced safety functions.
      Especially the safety functions realize not only fault diagnosis of peripheral equipment but self-diagnosis of MCUs. Therefore ML62Q1000 series are suitable for the high functional home appliance and compact appliance for kitchen.

      ML62Q1000'ssafety functions (IEC/UL 60730 class B compliant)

      14 safety features by hardware

      One thing to pay special attention to in designing electrical home appliances is to prevent accidents in advance. Recently, microcontrollers are used for electric home appliances, and safety is secured by the function of microcontroller. Therefore, in order to avoid danger, the microcontroller itself needs a safety function to diagnose the failure of the microcontroller itself.
      The ML62Q1000 series has many safety functions as hardware.

      Safety functions built-in the ML62Q1000 series

      Function NameDescription
      RAM guardPrevent the miss-writing to the RAM
      SFR guardPrevent the miss-writing to the SFR
      Successive approximation type A/D converter testSuccessive approximation type AD converter test function
      RAM parity error detectionCheck RAM parity error and generates a reset on error (enable/disable reset by SFR, with reset status flag and parity error flag)
      ROM unused area access resetGenerate a reset in case the CPU executes an instruction in the unused area (enable/disable reset by the code option, with reset status flag)
      Clock mutual monitoringCheck whether the oscillation of the high-speed and low-speed clocks operates correctly
      CRC calculationDetect data error of flash memory and communications
      UART self-test functionCheck whether the UART works correctly
      SSIO self-test functionCheck whether the SSIO works correctly
      I2C self-test functionCheck whether the I2C wors correctly
      WDT counter readWDT counter read function
      Port output level self-test functionGeneral port self-test function
      MCU status interruptControl interrupts generated by RAM parity error, automatic CRC calculation completion, data flash erase/program completion
      Clock backup function and the self-test

      * ML62Q1400 / ML62Q1500 / ML62Q1600 / ML62Q1700

      Switch automatically to the low-speed RC oscillation in case the low-speed crystal oscillation stop
      Automatic electric control unit International standard IEC/UL 60730 compliant

      The ML62Q1000 series can comply with international standard IEC / UL 60730 of automatic electric control device as self-diagnostic function software of microcontroller.
      Self-diagnostic software compatible with IEC 60730-1 Annex H Software class B can be provided as sample software.

      The functions supported by the ML62Q1000 series self-diagnostic software

      ObjectSelf-diagnosis functionDescription
      CPURegister testDetect stack fault in internal register of CPU
      counter test
      Detect stack fault in program counter
      InterruptInterrupt testDetect interrupt fault
      ClockOscillation frequency testDetect error by Measurement the frequency of the low-speed clock and the high-speed clock operating independently
      MemoryFlash memory
      Detect bit fault of program code area by CRC check
      RAM testDetect DC fault by RAM read / write test
      Input / OutputGPIO testDetects abnormality of output data by self-reading output data
      A/D converter testDetects abnormality of A/D converter and analog switch by A/D conversion of full scale / zero scale / internal reference voltage
      UART / SSIO / I2C testDetect abnormality of the communication circuit by internally connecting the transmission data and the reception data
      OtherWDT testDetect WDT counter error by reading WDT counter

      10 Years Longevity Program for Microcontrollers

      LAPIS Technology provides 10 years longevity for microcontrollers used in the industrial markets.

      The ML62Q1000 series is guaranteed for 10 years supply for industrial equipment.
      *Please contact LAPIS Technology for more information.

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