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Negative Voltage Linear Regulator for High Fidelity Audio - BD37215MUV (Neues Produkt)

BD37215MUV is a linear regulator of low noise (5.1μVrms) which is most suitable to high quality audio system. It operates at -16V to -3V and capable of supplying a maximum load of 1000mA. In addition to the low noise, BD37215MUV has a high PSRR and good input transient fluctuation characteristic which makes it suitable for the stabilization of DC/DC converter output, and an ideal power supply to high precision analog circuits such as operational amplifier and headphone amplifier for audio. Furthermore, when BD37215MUV is placed in standby mode, the supply current can be as small as 9.2μA(Typ) which can greatly reduce power consumption.

* Dieses Produkt entspricht der STANDARD-Güte und wird nicht für Fahrzeugteile empfohlen.
Teilenummer | BD37215MUV-E2
Status | Active
Gehäuse | VQFN020V4040
Einheitenmenge | 2500
Minimale Gehäusemenge | 2500
Gehäusetyp | Taping
RoHS | Ja




  • Ultra Low Noise, High PSRR
  • Standby Mode controlled by Enable Pin using the positive voltage
  • Soft Start Function controlled by External Capacitor
  • Under Voltage Lockout Protection, Over Current Protection, Thermal Shutdown Protection