ROHM Semiconductor's Sensor Platform Kit

Enables quick testing and evaluation of ROHM sensors

ROHM's Sensor Platform Kit (ROHM-SENSEKIT1-EVK-101/SENSEKIT2-EVK-101) is a low-cost way to quickly evaluate and test sensor products provided by ROHM. The kit consists of three main elements: a Sensor Platform Base Board, 6 Sensor Breakout Boards (Analog and Digital Ambient Light Sensors (ALS), Accelerometer + Magnetometer Combo Sensor, along with Hall, Temp, and UV Sensors) and a USB Battery* (used for standalone mode). Using these in combination allows for quick testing in the field or in the lab. In standalone mode, LEDs are used to visualize sensor output . And for detailed testing, the kit outputs precise readings from the sensor over the USB port for display and use on a PC.

*The newer, less-expensive SENSEKIT2 from ROHM is now available without a USB battery

ROHM Semiconductor's Sensor Platform Base Board

Sensors included in the Sensor Platform Kit

Digital Ambient Light Sensor (BH1721FVC) ROHM
Digital output type ambient light sensor IC is composed of photodiodes, current-voltage converter circuit, A / D converter, control logic circuits, interface circuits and etc.It connects with I2C Bus in an equipment.

  • • 1 ~ 65528 Lx range (16bit ADC)

Analog Ambient Light Sensor (BH1620FVC) ROHM
Analog current output type ambient light sensor IC is composed of photodiodes,amplifiers and current mirror circuits. The output current can be converted to the voltage value by external resistor.

  • • Different gain modes allow for 0 ~ 100000Lx range

Omnipolar Hall Sensor (BU52011HFV) ROHM
Omnipolar detection Hall ICs can detect both S-and N-pole magnetic fields, simplifying magnet management.

  • • ±3.0mT switch operation point
  • • Dual output for N and S polarity
  • • Other PNs in lineup have different mT operation points

Temperature Sensor (BDE0600G) ROHM
The BDExxxxG series of thermostat output temperature sensor ICs integrate a temperature detection element, constant current circuit, and high-accuracy reference voltage source in a single chip.

  • • Other PNs in lineup have different thermostat trigger operating points   from 55˚C ~ 115˚C in 5˚C steps
  • • ±3.5C output accuracy

Analog UV Sensor (ML8511) LAPIS
Detects a ultra violet rays with Si ( silicon ) device using the original SOI (silicon on insulator) technology, ideal for mobile devices.

  • • Sensitive to UV-A and UV-B
  • • Can be used to approximate UV index
  • • Outputs in mW/cm2

Accelerometer + Magnetometer Combo Sensor (KMX61) Kionix
The KMX61 delivers high sensitivity with stability over temperature (± 0.05%/ºC) and is well-suited for a range of smartphone, tablet and health and fitness applications.

  • • User-selectable ± 2g, 4g, 8g full-sale accelerometer range
  • • ±1200µT total magnetometer measurement range
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