Silicon Carbide Diodes

ROHM's silicon carbide diodes (also known as silicon carbide Schottky diodes or SiC Schottky diodes) provide industry-leading performance. These SiC diodes combine forward voltage and fast recovery time to further advance silicon carbide (SiC) as superior to Si fast recover diodes.

ROHM's SCS1xxAGC series of high-performance silicon carbide Schottky diodes are a new class of silicon carbide diodes offering industry-leading low forward voltage fast recovery time leading to improved power conversion efficiency. The SiC diodes are ideal for PFC/power supplies, solar panel inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, air conditioners and others.

These silicon carbide diodes maintain low forward voltage over a wide operating temperature range, which results in lower power dissipation under actual operating conditions.

With the acquisition of SiCrystal AG, ROHM Semiconductor has the complete manufacturing capability for silicon carbide semiconductors from ingot formation to power device fabrication. This allows the rapid development of advanced products and complete control of raw materials for industry leading reliability and quality.