• What is the way of evaluating and setting the reception sensitivity?
    • In WCT3, press the [BER Script Run] button in the window that appears by pressing the [RF_Test] button in the lower right, to enter BER measurement mode. Then, execute register settings as follows:
       [DIO_SET: B0 0x0C] = 0x40
      [MON_CTRL: B0 0x4D] = 0x80
      [GPIO1_CTRL: B0 0x4F] = 0x04 (reception data => GPIO1 pin)
      [EXTCLK_CTRL: B0 0x52] = 0x05 (reception clock => EXT_CLK pin)
      [GAIN_HOLD: B1 0x0E] = 0x00
      [BANK3: 0x0D] = 0x33
      Connect the GPIO1 and EXT_CLK pin output to the BER measuring instrument and measure the BER.

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