Purpose of use

Personal information acquired by ROHM in the course of its business activities (i.e. manufacturing, sales, service) is used for the following purposes.

Customer Information
  1. Matters regarding the delivery, installation, repair, inspection, and/or payment of purchased products
  2. The introduction of various products and/or services, research and analysis, planning, and development
  3. Response to customer requests (i.e. for data/materials, product information, consultation, and visits)
  4. Information on new products, events, and exhibitions
  5. Product shipment, selecting various campaigns
  6. FAQ
  7. Exercising rights and obligations based on contracts and laws
  8. Communicating and conducting business negotiations
  9. Visitor reservation and history management for ROHM facilities and equipment
Collecting and utilizing personal information of applicants
  1. Candidate recruitment and selection
  2. Communications with applicants
Private shareholder information
  1. Exercising rights based on corporate laws and fulfilling obligations
  2. Management and recording of general shareholder meetings
  3. Accommodating shareholders
  4. Communications with shareholders
  1. Additional FAQ
  2. The purpose will be clearly stated when acquiring personal information
  3. Business incidental to the abovementioned purpose