OLED Drivers

We support not only passive driving type but also active driving type of OLED Drivers.



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      OLED Driver


      LAPIS Technology OLED Driver

      In OLED display, various driving methods are used for each application, such as TV, note PC, industrial equipment, and automotive displays.
      We design each product individually to meet user request specifications and application requirements.

      Please contact us for more information on customization
      because this product is often customized.

      Product features

      Feature 1Unique circuit for high-speed and high-precision output characteristics

      High-speed data transfer in COG

      In recent years, it has been necessary to support not only higher resolution but also higher refresh rates*1 in various applications.In addition, it is also important to keep the current consumption low for mobile applications.
      LAPIS Technology achieves high-speed, high-precision output characteristics and low power consumption by optimally controlling the internal circuit operation according to the customer's drive method.

      *1 Number of times the display is drawn in one second.

      Feature 2High-speed data transfer in COG *2


      Higher speed data transfer is required for high resolution and high refresh rate display. However, in COG, which is commonly used in mobile applications, high-speed data transfer becomes difficult due to voltage fluctuations from large power routing resistance.
      LAPIS Technology provides high-speed data transfer at Gbps level by individually optimizing the internal circuit even with large power routing resistance.

      *2 COG = Chip On Glass Bonding an IC chip on a glass substrate


      Unique circuit for high-speed and high-precision output characteristics

      LAPIS Technology's OLED driver are used for TV, note PCs, tablet PC, industrial equipment, and automotive displays.