Electric Smart Meters - CT Method

In today’s era of tight power supply and demand, devices such as smart meters are needed that allow users and power companies to achieve effective power management by accurately measuring power usage over the long term while integrating security and communication functions. ROHM enables data measurement and power efficiency optimization with high reliability op amps, low consumption power supply ICs, and wireless communication devices.

Topology Selection

When designing an electronic circuit, especially power system circuits, it is necessary to select a circuit configuration (topology) that meets the required specifications because input voltage, output voltage, power, isolation, etc. vary depending on the application. The selection of the most suitable components also differs depending on the topology. If the wrong components are selected, the required specifications cannot be met and the circuit design must be redone. The topology selection page provided by ROHM guides you through the selection of the best device for different topologies.

Reference Designs

We provide solution boards that solve various customer problems by combining ROHM ICs and discrete products. System-level evaluation results and design data as reference designs are also offered to help customers reduce development load.

Reference Designs

・Reference Designs

Design Models

Various simulation models for circuit and thermal simulations of power devices and ICs can be downloaded from individual product pages or the following links.

Common to All Products


Discretes only

(power devices, MOSFETs, transistors, diodes, etc.)

ICs only

(op amps, power management ICs, power supply ICs, etc.)
・ Unencrypted SPICE (downloadable from each product page)
This is an unencrypted version of PSPICE, a SPICE model that can be imported into any simulator.

ROHM Solution Simulator

ROHM Solution Simulator is a new web-based electronic circuit simulation tool that allows a variety of simulations to be carried out, from initial development that includes component selection and individual device verification to the system-level verification stage. This makes it possible to quickly and easily implement batch verification of ROHM power devices (i.e. SiC) and ICs (e.g. driver and power supply ICs), in simulation circuits under close to actual conditions, significantly reducing application development load.
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ROHM Solution Simulator


ROHM SiC Power Solutions

ROHM offers SiC power devices and solutions that contribute to greater application miniaturization and efficiency. Please consider ROHM for all your SiC design needs.

Flexible lines

ROHM Apollo’s Hirokawa Factory in Fukuoka Prefecture began operating a new semiconductor back-end process line. Sample production for sales expansion started April 2021. The following year, in 2022, we began mass producing discrete products. The clean room, which embodies the concept of an ‘unmanned high-mix production line’ features a compact design using three sets of equipment neatly arranged in a U-shape with AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) running between them. Technicians monitor the status of all lines via monitors in an adjacent control room.

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