• Precautions for ESTI EN300-220 certification
    •  The reception blocking measurement points specified in the European ESTI EN300-220 standard are specified as ±2 MHz, ±10 MHz, and ±15 MHz. If they correspond to the spurious response frequency of IC, it is possible to declare it to avoid the frequency during measurement.
       The ML7345 series has a circuit performing sampling at Fs = 3 MHz (at Mck = 24 MHz) in the IF signal processing path after MIXER. Therefore, the frequency band corresponding to the multiplication of Fs falls to the desired frequency band (the center of the IF frequency) as a sampling image, resulting in a spurious response. For the blocking measurement in ±15 MHz with the ESTI standard, declare that the measurement is made with the offset frequency deviating from the spurious response.

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