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  • When using data flash, is there any library software for writing / reading data?
    • Two types are available.
      -Data flash driver "Simple version"
      -Data flash driver "EEPROM emulator version"

      The "Simple version" is the "EEPROM emulator version" with the following functions omitted.
      (a) Abnormal data detection function using checksum
      (b) Logical address and physical address conversion function
      (c) A function to skip the defective bit and continue writing
      The "Simple version" has a smaller code size and faster processing time than the "EEPROM emulator version". Please select according to your purpose.

      You can download it from support contents of our product site.
      When using ML62Q1000 series, please download "ML62Q1000 Series Reference Software".
      When using ML62Q2000 series, please download "ML62Q2000 Series Reference Software".
    • Produkte: General-purpose MCUs (16bit)
  • How do I allocate RAM variable to a fixed address?
    • RAM variables can be assigned to fixed addresses using the segnoinit pragma and seginit pragma.
      The segnoinit pragma is a pragma for allocating variables without initialization, and the seginit pragma is a pragma for allocating variables with initialization to a specific area.

      #pragma segnoinit 0xE000 /*Example1 */
      int ni_var1; /*ni_var1 is allocated to address 0xE000 */
      int ni_var2; /*ni_var2 is allocated to address 0xE002 */
      #pragma segnoinit /* End of segnoinit pragma (optional) */

      #pragma seginit 0xE100 /*Example1 */
      int var1 = 0x1234; /*var1 is allocated to address 0xE100 */
      int var2 = 0x5678; /*var2 is allocated to address 0xE102 */
      #pragma seginit /* End of seginit pragma (optional) */

      Please also refer to "How to Allocate Functions and Variables to Specific Areas" on our product site's support contents for the ML62Q1000 series.
    • Produkte: General-purpose MCUs (16bit)
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