Video Decoders - CVBS/S-video/Component/RGB



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      Video Decoder
      CVBS / S-video / Component / RGB


      The video decoders are LSIs that convert analog video signals into digital data.They are applicable to NTSC / PAL / SECAM of the world major formats and ideal for the worldwide video devices.


      Product Features

      Feature 1Video LSIs for Automotive Systems,Top market share in Japan

      LCD monitors are now used for car audio and rearview mirror as well as car navigation system. For these applications LAPIS Technology continues to work on LSI development mainly for video decoder, video encoder and display controller, in order to meet customer needs.
      Making use of experience in providing video LSIs to a number of major domestic (Japan) car accessory makers for a long time, LAPIS Technology has accumulated the technology for achieving high video quality while driving or in a hostile environment such as wide temperature variation.

      Feature 2High quality, high reliability analog-digital mixed signal image technology

      This is enabled by minimizing the quantization noise caused by analog-digital conversion via a 2D YC separation function and 4fsc (8fsc within the IC) color sub carrier (3.58MHz) sampling.
      Additional functions include auto-luminance, auto-color, contrast, hue adjustment, brightness, color difference, RGB gain-offset adjustment, outline correction, and multi-gradation processing.


      LAPIS Technology video decoders LSI applications

      LAPIS Technology video decoders are used in DVD, Blu-ray, HDD recorder, Projector for Consumer, Video Intercom, Surveillance Camera, IP Camera for Security, and Car Navigation, Audio with Display for Automotive applications.