• Please tell me how to save the contents of all SFR to a file when debugging.
    • To save the contents of all SFR to a file, use DTU8.
      The SFRSAV command of DTU8 allows you to save SFR data to a Motorola S2 format file.
      Select [Tools] > [Execute script command] of DTU8, and in the dialog, specify the folder and file name to save, such as SFRSAV C:\\temp\\SFR1.
      In the above case, SFR1.ram will be saved in the C:\\temp folder.
      Please note that the SFR data file is in Motorola S2 format, so the SFR name is not output.

      For the Motorola S2 format, refer to "9.5.4 Motorola S2 Format" in "MACU8 Assembler Package User's Manual".

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