• How can I check the ROM/RAM size used by an entire program?
    • It can be calculated from the content of the MAP file (.map) created at the time of build with IDEU8.

      The ROM size used by an entire program can be calculated by the following formula: Total size (CODE) + Total size (Table) - ROM reference area.
      Total size (CODE) indicates the total size of a program.
      Total size (Table) indicates the sum of constant data size and ROM reference area data size.
      ROM reference area data size corresponds to the values in the size column of those having “S TABLE” in the Type column and “(absolute)” in the Name column in the table in the MAP file.

      The RAM size used by an entire program is Total size (DATA).
      This indicates the sum of variables and stacks used by a program.

      For details, see also “3.3. ROM Size Calculation Method” and “3.4. RAM Size Calculation Method” in “CCU8 Programming Guide”.

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