• When complied, the following error message is output. What does it mean?
    "Error E010: Unresolved external symbol '_strtok'.
    • The error indicates that a symbol referring externally cannot be found and therefore, it becomes unresolved.
      In this case, _strtok is a library function contained in the runtime library of U8 Development Tools, and the error is generated, because the runtime library file containing _strtok is not specified with the RLU8 linker.
      To solve the error, specify the runtime library file. The following shows how to specify.

      1. In IDEU8, select [Project] menu -> [Options] -> [Target].
      2. In [Add to Library Field] of the [General] tag in the [Target Option] dialog box, specify one of the following files.
      - Using SMALL memory model microcontroller (microcontroller with program memory capacity 64 K byte or less)
      Filename to specify: LU8100SW.LIB
      - Using large memory model microcontroller (microcontroller with program memory capacity exceeding 64 K byte)
      Filename to specify: LU8100LW.LIB
      3. Click [OK] button in the [Target Option] dialog box.
      4. Rebuild.

      *For details on the runtime library file, refer to "RTLU8 Runtime Library Reference Manual".
      *For details on how to set the runtime library file to IDEU8, refer to "4.5 Target Option Settings" in "IDEU8 User's Manual".

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