BD62120JEFJ (Neues Produkt)
36V 1ch DC Brush Motor Drivers

BD62120JEFJ is a built-in 1channel H-bridge motor driver for DC brush motors. This driver can facilitate low power consumption by direct PWM. There are built in protection circuits in this IC. Each protection circuit operation contributes to set high reliability.

This IC uses different production line against series model BD62120AEFJ for the purpose of improving production efficiency. We recommend using this IC for your new development. Electric characteristics noted in Datasheet does not differ between Production Line. In addition, the data of BD62120AEFJ is disclosed for documents and design models unless otherwise specified.

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Teilenummer | BD62120JEFJ-E2
Status | Empfohlen
Gehäuse | HTSOP-J8
Einheitenmenge | 2500
Minimale Gehäusemenge | 2500
Gehäusetyp | Taping
RoHS | Ja


Power Supply Voltage (Max.) [V]


Power Supply Voltage (Min.) [V]


Vcc (Max.)[V]


Iout (Max.)[A]


Iout Peak (Max.)[A]


Output On Resistance (Typ.)[Ω]


Number of Motors


Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size [mm]

4.9x6 (t=1)

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  • Single Power Supply Input (rated voltage of 36V)
  • Rated Output Current (peak) 2.0A(3.0A)
  • Low ON-Resistance DMOS Output
  • Forward, Reverse, Brake, Open
  • External PWM Control
  • Driver for DC Brush Motor
  • Built-in logic input pull-down resistor
  • Cross-conduction Prevention Circuit
  • Thermal Shutdown Circuit (TSD)
  • Over-current Protection Circuit (OCP)
  • Under Voltage Lock out Circuit (UVLO)
  • Over Voltage Lock out Circuit (OVLO)
  • Ghost Supply Prevention (protects against malfunction when power supply is disconnected)
  • Adjacent Pins Short Protection
  • Inverted Mounting Protection
  • HTSOP-J8 package

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