MCU Control type

MCU Control type

The MCU Control type battery monitoring LSI measures cell voltage, current and temperature with high accuracy. And external microcontroller controls this LSI to protects the battery pack.



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      Lithium-ion battery monitoring LSI
      MCU Control type


      The MCU Control type battery monitoring LSI measures voltage, current, and temperature with high accuracy. And it protects the battery pack with being controlled by an external microcontroller.
      It measures the voltage of each cell, charge/discharge current, and temperature, and the external microcontroller detects overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrent, and high or low temperature. When the microcontroller detects the abnormal state of the battery pack, it controls charge/discharge MOS FET. And also, has a cell balancing function.
      Some different types have protection functions such as short-circuit detection and overvoltage detection, and it protects the battery pack quickly without being controlled by a microcontroller. The MCU Control type provides advanced protection and management functions of battery packs.

      Product Features

      Feature 1Maximum operating voltage 80V

      LAPIS Technology's original high voltage process realized a maximum operating voltage of 80V.

      Feature 2The lowest current consumption in the industry

      The current consumption in power-down mode is 0.1µA (typ.) which is the lowest in the industry, and battery pack long-term storage is possible.

      Feature 3Multistage connection supports multi-cell high voltage systems

      ML5239 supports the multistage connection. It is possible to construct multi-cell high voltage Lithium-Ion battery systems, like a large-scale energy storage system.

      Feature 4Highly accurate voltage detection

      The cell voltage measurement accuracy is the industry's best ±10 mV (ML5239). Since each cell voltage of the battery pack can be measured with high accuracy, the battery capacity can be used to the full.
      The cell voltage measurement accuracy of ML5248,ML5236,ML5238 are±20mV, ±15mV, ±20mV respectively.

      Feature 5Supports cell balancing function

      The ML5204, ML5236, and ML5238 have built-in cell balance switches, the ML5239 has external cell balance switch driving pins.
      It can execute the cell balancing operation by setting the register from an external microcontroller. And the cell balancing operation improves the efficiency of battery cells.

      Feature 6The industry's first, high-side NMOS-FET driver built-in

      In the ML5248 and the ML5236, because NMOS-FETs can be placed on the high-side of the battery pack, the battery pack system design is very simple.

      Feature 7Provide an evaluation board

      Evaluation boards and sample software for each LSI are available.
      By connecting an assembled battery pack to the evaluation board, the battery pack system is evaluated easily.


      The MCU Control type battery monitoring LSI protects battery packs in various application fields and supports the safety of Li-ion batteries with various functions.