Strobe Charge Control IC for DSC/DVCs

BD4234NUX is Strobe Charge Control IC, ideal for Digital still cameras, Mobile Phone. The strobe charge IC is a self-oscillating switching regulator that uses a transformer. It provides highly efficient applications for charging capacitors in sets with various strobes.

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Teilenummer | BD4234NUX-E2
Status | Aktiv
Gehäuse | VSON010X3020
Einheitenmenge | 4000
Minimale Gehäusemenge | 4000
Gehäusetyp | Taping
RoHS | Ja


Supply Voltage(Vcc) [V]

2.5 to 5.5

Peak Current [A]

0.5 to 2.0

Full Charge Detection Voltage [V]


100nsec pluse AC Full Charge Detection Voltage [V]

1.0−1.1% to ±1.6%

Full Terminal Output

Nch Open drain

Power Transistor Saturation Voltage Isw=1A [V]


IgbtOutN [mA]


IgbtOutP [mA]


Package Size [mm]

3x2 (t=0.6)

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  • Built-in lowVth48V DMOS
  • Adjustable transformer primary-side peak current by RADJ pin
  • Charging control switching with the START pin
  • Includes high precision full charge voltage detection circuit and output pin
  • Various built-in protective circuits(TSD, UVLO, SDP)
  • Built-in IGBT driver