Das Halbbrückenmodul besteht aus SiC-DMOSFETs von ROHM.

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Teilenummer | BSM180D12P2C101
Status | Aktiv
Gehäuse | C
Einheitenmenge | 12
Minimale Gehäusemenge | 12
Gehäusetyp | Tray
RoHS | Ja


Drain-source Voltage[V]


Drain Current[A]


Total Power Dissipation[W]


Junction Temperature(Max.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C]



Half bridge


・Leistungsmodul nur SiC MOSFET
・Umschalten mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit und geringe Schaltverluste
・Zuverlässigkeit der Body-Diodenleitung
・Geringe Qrr und trr der Body-Diode


    • Drive Board
    • AgileSwitch 2ASC-12A1HP / EDCA2
    • BSM series (1200V, C type)
      Core Driver : 2ASC-12A1HP
      Adapter Board : EDCA2

  • Detail
    • Drive Board
    • BSMGD3C12D24-EVK001
    • This evaluation board, BSMGD3C12D24-EVK001, is a gate driver board for full SiC Modules in C type housing. This evaluation board contains all the necessary components for optimal and safety driving the SiC module.

  • User's Guide Purchase Inquiry
    • Drive Board
    • TAMURA 2DU series
    • For BSM series (1200V, C / E / G type)

  • Detail

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White Paper

  • Cutting-Edge Web Simulation Tool “ROHM Solution Simulator” Capable of Complete Circuit Verification of Power Devices and Driver ICs

User's Guide

  • Evaluation Board User's Guide for C-type Full SiC Module (BSMGD3C12D24-EVK001)

Technische Artikel

Schematic Design & Verification

  • [NEW]Application Note for SiC Power Devices and Modules
  • Calculation of Power Dissipation in Switching Circuit
  • Method for Monitoring Switching Waveform
  • Importance of Probe Calibration When Measuring Power: Deskew
  • Impedance Characteristics of Bypass Capacitor

Thermal Design

  • Method for Calculating Junction Temperature from Transient Thermal Resistance Data
  • Notes for Temperature Measurement Using Thermocouples
  • What is a Thermal Model? (SiC Power Device)
  • Notes for Temperature Measurement Using Forward Voltage of PN Junction
  • How to Use Thermal Models
  • Optimized heat sink assembly method for effective heat dissipation
  • Measurement Method and Usage of Thermal Resistance RthJC
  • Precautions When Measuring the Rear of the Package with a Thermocouple

Design Tools

Simulations (Login Required)

ROHM Solution Simulator is a new web-based electronic circuit simulation tool that can carry out a variety of simulations, from initial development that involves component selection and individual device verification to the system-level verification stage. This makes it possible to quickly and easily implement complete circuit verification of ROHM power devices and ICs, in simulation circuits under close to actual conditions, significantly reducing application development efforts.
  • AC-DC PFC A003: BCM Diode-Bridge-Less VIN=200V IIN=50A
  • AC-DC PFC A008: CCM Diode-Bridge-Less Synchro VIN=200V IIN=50A
  • AC-DC PFC A010: CCM Totem-Pole Synchro VIN=200V IIN=100A
  • AC-DC PFC A017: DCM Diode-Bridge-Less Synchro VIN=200V IIN=50A
  • DC-AC Inverter B001: IH Half-Bridge Inverter Po=10kW
  • DC-AC Inverter B003: Half-Bridge Inverter Vo=200V Io=100A
  • DC-AC Inverter B004: Full-Bridge Inverter Vo=200V Io=100A
  • DC-AC Inverter B005: 1-Phase 3-Wire Inverter Vo=100/200V Po=20kW
  • DC-DC Converter C001: Bi-Directional Converter VH=350V VL=50V IL=200A
  • DC-DC Converter C002: Boost Converter Vo=800V Io=20A
  • DC-DC Converter C003: Boost Converter 2-Phase Vo=800V Io=40A
  • DC-DC Converter C004: Boost Synchro Converter Vo=800V Io=20A
  • DC-DC Converter C008: Buck Synchro Converter Vo=250V Io=100A
  • DC-DC Converter C009: Buck Synchro Converter 2-Phase Vo=250V Io=200A
  • DC-DC Converter C015: Step-Up/Down Converter Vo=400V Io=40A


  • Circuit Data: DC-AC Half-Bridge Ih Inverter Po=20kW
  • BSM180D12P2C101 PLECS Model
  • BSM180D12P2C101 SPICE Simulation Evaluation Circuit
  • BSM180D12P2C101 SPICE Model
  • BSM180D12P2C101 Thermal Model (lib)
  • How to Create Symbols for PSpice Models
  • Power Module Loss Simulator - 3Phase Inverter
  • Power Module Loss Simulator - Boost Converter
  • Power Module Loss Simulator - Buck Converter

Characteristics Data

  • ESD Data

Packaging & Qualität

Package Information

  • Inner Structure
  • Taping Information

Manufacturing Data

  • Reliability Test Result

Environmental Data

  • Constitution Materials List
  • Compliance of the ELV directive
  • Report of SVHC under REACH Regulation

Export Information

  • About Export Regulations