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Internal Memory Type



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      Speech Synthesis LSI with Automotive-grade Internal Memory Type Internal Flash Memory Type:ML2253x series, ML2257x series, ML222xx series
      Internal Mask ROM Type:ML2253x series
      External Memory Type ML2253x series, ML225xx series, ML22120


      Easily provide high quality audio solutions, decoders, amplifiers, filters, memory, all-in-one! -40°C to +105°C operation guaranteed for automotive use equipped with fail-safe function required for automotive applications.

      Automotive-grade Speech Synthesis LSI features a guaranteed operating temperature of +105°C Max and integrates 4 channels mixing function along with a speaker amp.
      Equipped with HQ-ADPCM, 16bit D/A converter, and low-pass filter to achieve high sound quality, and has a built-in 1.0W monaural speaker amplifier to drive speakers directly.
      LAPIS Technology's Speech Synthesis LSI offers AEC-Q100 qualified products and products that meet the requirements of the standards for automotive applications. AEC-Q100 has different grades according to the operating temperature range of the IC. LAPIS Technology's Automotive-grade Speech Synthesis LSI belongs to [Grade 2] from -40°C to +105°C.
      In addition, as a fail-safe function, it is equipped with functions necessary for in-vehicle applications, such as playback In addition, as a fail-safe function, it is equipped with functions necessary for in-vehicle applications, such as playback abnormality detection, short-circuit detection of speaker terminals, and high-temperature error detection.

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      Speech Synthesis LSI "ML22530 family"


      Speech Synthesis LSI "ML22530 family"

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      Product Features

      Feature 1Reduction of software development man-hours and costs

      Guaranteed fast response and sound quality of sound Software development man-hours can be reduced

      Hardware integration of the sound functions ensures quick response and sound quality of the vehicle approach alert sound even under heavy system load through simple command control.
      In addition, verification related to the playback of the sound of approaching vehicle alerts is no longer required, contributing to a reduction in man-hours and costs for software verification.

      Applicable models : All models of in-vehicle speech synthesis LSIs

      Feature 2Easy adjustment of vehicle approach warning sound

      Example of pitch control Example of adjustment by a change in frequency response before and after mounting Example of frequency response adjustment by car model

      Pitch control (4 independent channels), volume control (4 independent channels), and frequency adjustment using a 5-band equalizer make it easy to adjust the vehicle approach warning sound without changing the sound source.

      Applicable models : ML22120

      Feature 3Equipped with a variety of fail-safe functions

      Provides fault detection from the input to the speaker pins.

      Equipped with various fail-safe functions such as [Playback abnormality detection], [Speaker terminal short detection], [High temperature error detection], [Supply voltage drop detection], and [Command transfer error] detection. Various abnormalities of LSI can be monitored.

      Applicable models : All models of in-vehicle speech synthesis LSIs
      However, the fail-safe function installed differs depending on the model.

      Feature 4Sound data can be rewritten even after customer's product shipment

      ROM rewritable after customer's product shipment.

      [Products with flash memory] and [products with external memory] can rewrite sound data via the SPI I/F of the microcontrollers.
      sound data can be rewritten after customer's product shipment.

      Applicable models : ML22Q532,ML22Q533,ML22530

      Feature 5+105°C guaranteed even with built-in speaker amplifier

      Thermal dissipation to the substrate suppresses temperature rise.

      Achieved operating temperature guarantee of -40 to +105°C for automotive use. Operation at +105°C is guaranteed, including the built-in memory and speaker amplifier. Can be used with confidence in automotive applications.
      By exposing the die pad on the back of the package and dissipating heat through the board, temperature rise inside the LSI including the speaker amplifier is suppressed, and operation is guaranteed at an ambient temperature of +105°C.

      Applicable models : ML22Q532,ML22Q533,ML22530


      Speech synthesis LSI automotive-grade application

      LAPIS Technology's speech synthesis LSI for automotive applications is ideal for in-vehicle warning sounds and voice guidance in tens of seconds to several minutes.
      Two types are available: MaskROM for mass production and flash memory with rewritable data.