External Memory - Internal AB-class/D-class Speaker Amplifier Type
Internal AB-class/D-class Speaker Amplifier Type

External Memory - Internal AB-class/D-class Speaker Amplifier Type




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      Speech Synthesis LSIs with External Memory
      Internal AB-class/D-class Speaker Amplifier Type Internal AB-class Speaker Amplifier Type


      Up to 128Mbit serial memory can be connected

      External memory compatible speech synthesis LSI can connect up to 128Mbit serial memory externally.
      Because it supports a large memory, it is ideal for long playback.

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      Product features

      Features 1Speech Synthesis LSIs control external memory, facilitating sound generation

      Easily enable voice generation from external memory

      Controlling external memory allows Speech Synthesis LSIs to play back sound data without placing a load on the MCU.
      Sound generation is easily achieved by inputting control commands of only a few bytes from an MCU.

      Features 2High fidelity, high compression HQ-ADPCM*1 makes it possible to reduce the memory capacity

      HQ-ADPCM enables high fidelity sound compression

      The ML226xx series adopts the newly developed high fidelity, high compression sound algorithm HQ-ADPCM that provides a clearer sound and richer sound range while reducing data size compared with conventional ADPCM, providing a more comfortable listening experience.For example, melodies and sound effects that are degraded with ADPCM and cannot be played with uncompressed PCM can be compressed with HQ-ADPCM, ensuring superior sound quality while reducing memory capacity.
      Up to 80% compression is possible vs 4bit ADPCM and 20% compared with 16bit ADPCM.

      Applicable Models : ML22620、ML22660
      *1 : HQ-ADPCM is Ky's high-quality sound compression technology.
      Ky's is a registered trademark of Kyushu Institute of Technology.Ky's logo

      Feature 3Integrated Class D amp ensures high efficiency output

      Speaker Output Power vs. Efficiency

      Class D speaker amps are capable of 1.0W (Max) output, feature low heat generation even at high (sound) volumes, and minimize heat dissipation measures.
      In addition, efficiency is excellent at low battery power, reducing current consumption and prolonging battery life.

      Applicable Models : ML22620、ML22660


      Speech synthesis LSI Application for External memory

      LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™'s External Memory compatible Speech Synthesis LSI is ideal for a melody system, zoo, museum guide, instruction manual, healing goods, radar detector, kids book, etc. lasting from tens of seconds to several minutes.
      The capacity of external memory is free.

      "LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™" is a trademark or a registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.