8bit/16bit Development Support System
Consistent support from design and coding to evaluation and ROM code writing
On-chip emulator, Reference board
Software tools, Starter kits

Development support system configuration

LAPIS Technology's software development support system that realizes efficient program development

Development tools
Development tools, Integrated development environment, On-chip emulator, ROM code data generation tool
Flash programmer
MWU16 Flash Multiwriter, 3rd Party Flash Programmer
Support tool
Code Generation Tools, LCD control development support tools, Various sample software, Various documents, Web support site
Board & kit
Reference board starter kit Online sale

Extensive software tools

Integrated development environment "LEXIDE-U16"

Integrated development environment LEXIDE-U16
  • The integrated development environment based on the open source Eclipse and CDT plug-ins supports efficient program development.

Code generation tools

Code Generation Tools
  • Code Generation Tools is a tool to generate codes such as setting the operation mode of the microcontroller and initial settings of peripherals. By setting the value in the tool, you can generate the code that you can check the operation immediately, so you can develop the program efficiently.
  • The startup setting tool is a software tool that customizes the startup routine of the ML62Q1000 series microcontroller and generates the setting code for the code option.
  • The peripheral setting tool is a software tool that generates code to initialize the general-purpose ports and peripherals of the ML62Q1000 series microcontroller .

LCD control software development support tool, LCD image tool

LCD control software development support tool, LCD image tool
  • By inputting the bitmap file which imaged the LCD panel and the layout information of the LCD panel, the table data for LCD display allocation RAM and the sample of the control program are automatically generated.
  • By using the LCD image tool, complicated mapping work can be performed efficiently.
  • The LCD Image Tool consists of two tools: LCD Image Assignment Tool and LCD Image Check Tool.
  • The LCD image assignment tool supports the mapping work of the microcontroller pin and the LCD panel segment on the LCD panel image displayed on the PC.
  • The LCD image check tool is an effective tool for validating the mapping.

Emulators provided for different applications

EASE1000 V2

On-chip emulator EASE1000V2
  • The on-chip emulator EASE1000 V2 is a compact emulator that supports on-board software debugging and Flash programming by connecting to an actual device equipped with the on-chip debug function.
  • When the ML621000 series microcontroller is connected, the real-time watch function, branch trace function, stack overflow / underflow break function, etc. can be used.

Extensive Flash programmer

MWU16 Flash multiwriter*

Up to 32 files of the same type can be written with the MWU16 flash multiwriter
  • Supports writing program files to multiple (up to 32) target Flash memory of the same type.

* : When using the MWU16, please purchase the required number of EASE1000 V2.

3rd party Flash programmer

3rd party Flash programmer for LAPIS Microcontroller
  • Supports onboard / offboard programming for Flash Memory.

For 3rd party Flash programmer, please contact each manufacturer.

New Eclipse-based integrated development environment
"Enhanced editor functions" "Improved file operability" "New function stack size calculation tool"

Integrated development environment "LEXIDE-U16"


LEXIDE-U16 is an integrated development environment for developing programs for original LAPIS Technology 8/16-bit RISC CPUs based on Eclipse * 1 and CDT (C / C ++ Development Tooling) plug-ins, which are open source integrated development environments.

Compared to the existing integrated development environment "IDEU8", the editor function has been enhanced, file operability has been improved, and a stack size calculation tool has been added as a new function. You can call the LAPIS Technology original tools DTU8 debugger, LCD image tool, MWU16 flash multi-writer, SCU16 stack size calculation tool, etc. to create a program efficiently.
This LEXID EU-U16 will be released in the U8/U16 Development Tools Release 2.00.0 and later packages.

*1. An integrated development environment (IDE) provided by the Eclipse Foundation.

New Eclipse-based integrated development environment LEXIDE-U16 editor screen

Easy-to-use editor with rich functions

  • Code auto-completion function: Completion of variable name, function name, etc., spell check
  • Code navigation features: include chain, browser, function call hierarchy, jump to function / variable declaration
  • Folding function: Fold and display functions and structures
  • Refactoring function: Batch change of function name and variable name
  • Syntax color coding function: Color coding for grammar, SFR (Special Function Register), conditional compilation, etc.

Easily port existing IDEU8 integrated environment projects to LEXIDE-U16.

Comparison between integrated development environment "LEXIDE-U16" and "IDEU8"

< tr>
Function name New tool
Existing tool
Editor function Code auto-completion function
Code navigation function
Folding function
Refactoring function
Syntax color function
File operation function Create folder
Switching display by source file tab
LAPIS Technology original tool start function Starting the DTU8 debugger
Launch LCD Image Tool
Start HTU8 HEX Converter
Start SCU16 stack size calculation tool
MWU16 flash multiwriter

Development kit

EASE1000 V2 development kit

EASE1000 development kit

This kit provides a development environment from U8/U16 microcontroller program development to program writing during mass production.

  • On-chip emulator EASE1000 V2 compatible with U8/U16 microcontroller with Flash memory.
  • Software tools required for program development such as project management tools, build tools, debug tools, Flash programmers U8/U16 Development Tools.*1

Operating environment of U8/U16 Development Tools

  • *1 : Supports Windows®7*、Windows®8.1*、Windows®10* *32bit (×86) / 64bit (×64)
  • Compatible models
    • ML62Q1000 series
    • ML620Q400 series
    • ML610Q400 series
    • ML610Q300 series
    • ML610Q100 series

* Please purchase the reference board separately.


Reference board with microcontroller

Reference Board with Microcontroller

A reference board with a microcontroller and the minimum necessary parts. You can try the operation of the microcontroller. You can also develop software and write Flash.

starter kit

ML62Q1000 series starter kit

ML62Q1000 series starter kit

With this starter kit, we have a complete development environment from "ML62Q1000 series" program development to program writing during mass production.

ML62Q1000 series special site

Audio Playback 8bit MCU starter kit

Audio Playback 8bit MCU Starter Kit

With this starter kit, you can listen to the audio immediately after opening the package. In addition, the user can easily rewrite / listen to the audio ROM data, and a set of development environment required for voice microcontroller software development and voice ROM data development is included.