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Leckerkennungs-IC für Automobile BD9582F-M

Leakage Detection IC for Automotive BD9582F-M

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In recent years, with the increased proliferation of electric and hybrid vehicles comes a demand for 100V AC outlets for powering consumer electronics/appliances and to act as an emergency power source. With a guaranteed operating range up to 105C, the BD9582F-M is the industry's first*1 leakage detection IC specifically designed for AC outlets in automotive systems (i.e. AC inverters). In addition, ultra-low current operation reduces battery consumption considerably.

*1: ROHM May 2013 survey

Highlight 1: Supports operating temperatures up to 105C (automotive-grade)

Supports operating temperatures up to 105C (automotive-grade)

The BD9582F-M features an operating temperature range of -40C to +105C, implements electromagnetic countermeasures, and complies with reliability test certification standards for automotive ICs, providing the necessary reliability for automotive applications.


Highlight 2: Industry-low current consumption

Circuit optimization results in the industry's lowest current consumption (330uA typ.), contributing to significantly lower battery consumption in circuit breakers and other sets designed for continuous operation.

Industry-low current consumption


Ideal for AC inverters and charging equipment in electric and hybrid vehicles. Also suitable for standard circuit breakers and leakage relays.



Broad lineup includes both automotive- and consumer-grade products

Package Part No. Operating Temp.
Supply Voltage
Supply Current
 Trip Voltage*1
Detection Level
RoHS Compliant AEC-Q100*2 Compliant
 -40~105 12~22 330 7.5 0.5 Yes Yes
SOP8 BD9582F -20~95 12~22 330 7.5 0.5 Yes -
SIP8  BD9582N  -20~95 12~22 330 7.5 0.5 Yes -
SOP8 BD9584F -20~95 8~22 250 9.2 1.0 Yes -
  *1: The input voltage at which the IC determines leakage has occurred
*2: Quality standard that defines stress testing for automotive IC certification

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