• How do you estimate the variation for reset ICs, including the release voltage?
    • The variation, including the release voltage temperature, can be obtained using the following formula, using a variation of ±1% and maximum temperature coefficient VDET/ΔT.
      • Release Voltage=VDET(Detection Voltage)+⊿VDET (Hysteresis Voltage)
      • =VDETxHysteresis Ratio
      • Release Voltage(max)=VDET(max)×1.08 (for 8% max. hysteresis)
      • Release Voltage(min)=VDET(min)x1.03 (for 3% min. hysteresis)
      Variation including detection voltage temperature is obtained by the following formula.
      • VDET(max)=VDET×1.01+VDET×1.01×|Ta-25|×360/1000000
      • VDET(min)= VDET×0.99-VDET×0.99×|Ta-25|×360/1000000
      Variation including release voltage temperature for the BD71L4L-1 overvoltage detection IC is shown as follows. At a temperature between 0C and 60C
      • Release Voltage(max)=4.073V
      • Release Voltage(min)=3.978V
      Refer to the datasheet for the variation including release voltage temperature for the BD52xxG-2C/BD53xxG-2C series.
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