• Please tell me how to speed up the execution processing time of 1000 series software.
    • The method to speed up the execution processing time is as follows.
      (1) Set the optimization option to speed priority
      Set  [C/C++ Build]>[Settings]> [Compiler]>[Optimization] to「Optimize for speed」.
      (2) Set local variables so that they cannot be assigned to the stack.
      [C / C ++ Build]> [Settings]> [Compiler]> [Optimization]
      Uncheck  「Allocate all local variables not declared register to the stack」.
      (3) Do not standardize register save / return routines for function entry / exit
      [C / C ++ Build]> [Settings]> [Compiler]> [Code Generation]
      Check 「Disable optimization by register push/pop routine」.
      However, if this setting is used, the code size may increase.
      (4) If you are using multiplication / division, use a multiplication / division device.
      [C / C ++ Build]> [Settings]> [Linker]> [General]
      Check 「Enable multiplication and division accelerator」.
      From this, the library using the multiplication / division device (coprocessor) will be linked.
      However, if you use DMA, you cannot use DMA and coprocessor at the same time, so it cannot be applied.

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