• Please tell me how to switch the process depending on the presence or absence of a macro at build time using the conditional assembly IFDEF of the assembler.
    • The symbols that can be specified the condition assemble IFDEF of the assembler are user symbols, not macros.
      The user symbol must be described in the assembler source file. Use the IF pseudo-instruction when switching the object to be assembled, such as an instruction / pseudo-instruction, depending on the conditions.
      For example, describe as follows.
      The VALUE is a macro symbol.

      _DEBUG equ VALUE ; VALUE is a macro symbol.
      IF _DEBUG == 1
      Statement 1

      In LEXIDE-U16, define the value of VALUE in [Assembler]> [Macro] in the [Properties] dialog.
      If it defines VALUE = 0, statement 1 will not be assembled.
      If it defines VALUE = 1, statement 1 will be assembled.

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