• Please tell me how to check the ROM size for each file.
    • If you check [Do not generate separate segment per function] in the compiler option settings (Properties> Settings> Tool Settings tab Compiler> Code Generation) of LEXIDE-U16, you can prevent the segment from being divided into function units. From this, you can check the ROM consumption of each file in the map file.
      At this time, the segment name for the function is $$NCODfilename or $$FCODfilename, and the segment name of the constant data is $$NTABfilename or $$FTABfilename, so check the map file.

      However, if you set this option, the code size may increase because unreferenced functions and constant data are also included in the segments of the file. Also, please understand that the ROM consumption is not an accurate value because the HEX data for each file may change slightly.

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