• How can it allocate the const variable in the end of code segment 1?
    • If you want to allocate the const variable in segment 1 or higher, qualify the const variable with __far.
      Also, when specifying the allocation address, be sure to separate the physical segment address and offset address with a colon (:).

      Example 1) When specifying an address with the Absolute pragma
      #pragma ABSOLUTE g_xxxx 0x1: 0xDFF0
      const uint32_t __far g_xxxx = 0x00000000;

      Example 2) When allocating to a segment with the SEGCONST pragma and specifying an address for that segment
      #pragma SEGCONST __far "rom1"
      const uint32_t __far g_xxxx = 0x00000000;
      In the Linker> Segment setting of LEIIDE-U16, specify (rom1-1: 0dff0h) for the TABLE address specification.

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