• Is it possible to check the data in the data flash area with the debugger?
    • It is possible.

      First, check the segment where the data flash area is located.
      For example, in the case of the ML62Q1000 series, the data flash area is located in segment 31 (1FH).

      [For DTU8]
      Select View> Memory with Physical Segment 1 and higher. In the [Memory fin physical segment 1 and higher] window, set the segment to "# 31 (1FH)".
      For details, refer to "8.4 Memory" in the DTU8 User's Manual.

      [For LEXIDE-U16]
      In debug mode, select [Window]> [Show View]> [Memory], and in the displayed [Memory] view, specify the address 0x1F0000 of the data flash area.
      For details, refer to "7.18 Memory View" in the LEXIDE-U16 User's Manual.

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