• I want to know the description method for initializing stack pointer after the start of main function.
    • It cannot be described directly in C language. Use the assembly language. When describing in the assembly language in C source, enclose the description with #asm and #endasm. Since an absolute address is used by the assembly language, describe “#pragma romwin 0xXXXX” before the definition line of main function. Describe the end address of ROM window area of each product in 0xXXXX. An example is shown below.

      #pragma romwin 0 0xXXXX // Add the description for the end address of ROM window area of each product to 0xXXXX.
      void main(void)
      L ER0, 0000h ; Load the stack pointer stored in the address 0.
      MOV SP, ER0 ; Set the register content in the stack pointer.

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