• What is a method to pad unused program area with data 0FFH for failsafe measure?
    • Unused program area can be padded with data "0FFH" using "HTU8 HEX Converter" included in the package of U8 Development Tools.
      The procedure is as follows.
      (1) Using the IDEU8 integrated environment, convert the absolute object file containing debug information (the extension of filename is .ABS) to an Intel HEX file.
      (2) When the converted Intel HEX file is specified to the HTU8 HEX Converter as an input file, the HTU8 HEX Converter outputs an Intel HEX file that unused program area is padded with "0FFH".

      For details of the HTU8 HEX Converter, refer to "HTU8 User's Manual".
      This HTU8 HEX Converter is installed along with U8 Development Tools installation (when executing SetupU8Dev_j.exe).

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