• When a string contains "表(0x955c)" and "脳(0x945c)", the compiler runs to the end without error, but these characters are not displayed correctly. When the compile result is viewed in the .pm file, the second byte "0x5c" is lacking. Why?
    • Because "0x5c" is handled as the Escape symbol, it cannot be compiled correctly.
      When using SHIFT-JIS Kanji (2-byte) are used in a string, set /KJ option to support SHIFT-JIS Kanji (2-byte) in the IDEU8 integration environment.
      The setting procedure of /KJ option is shown next.

      /KJ option setting procedure:
      1. Select the [Project] menu -> [Options] -> [Compile/Assemble] on IDEU8, and open the [Compile/Assemble Option] dialog box.
      2. Specify /KJ in the [Additional Options] field in [Compiler Controls] under [General] tab in the [Compile/Assemble Option] dialog box.
      3. Rebuild.

      /KJ option is an option to support SHIFT-JIS Kanji (2-byte).
      Other foreign languages are not supported.

      *For details, refer to the following manuals.
      ・ " /KJ Option" in "CCU8 User's Manual"
      ・ "Compiler Controls" under "4.4.1 General Tab" of "4.4 Compile/Assemble Option Settings" in "IDEU8 User's Manual"

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