Für neue Designs nicht empfohlen BD49K55G

Produkte, die nicht für neue Designs verwendet werden können (Nicht empfohlen für Designabweichungen).



Ersatzprodukt für BD49K55G

Part Number
Ordering Part Number BD49K55G-TL BD5250G-1TR
Similar Level - Similar Specification
Data Sheet    
Supply Status Not Recommended for New Designs Recommended
Package SSOP3 (GND 1pin) SSOP5
Unit Quantity 3000 3000
Minimum Packing Quantity 3000 3000
Packing Type Taping Taping
RoHS Yes Yes
Under Voltage Detection Voltage [V] (typ.) 5.5 5.0
VDET Precision [%] ±1 ±0.9
Reset Active Voltage Range [V] 0.95 to 10 0.8 to 6
Output Types CMOS Open drain
Reset Delay Timer No Adjustable Delay
Reset Active State Low Low
Manual Reset No No
Watchdog Timer No No
Auto Motive No No
Circuit Current (ON) [µA] 0.60(Vs=4.8V) 0.23
Circuit Current (OFF) [µA] 0.85(Vs=4.8V) 0.27
Hysteresis Voltage [V] Vs x 0.05 VDET x 0.05
L Output Current (LowVol) [mA] 0.4 1
L Output Current (HighVol) [mA] 2 2
Additional Feature 1pin GND (PIN rotated) -
Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40 -40
Temperature (Max.)[°C] 105 85
Package Size [mm] 2.9x2.8 (t=1.45) 2.9x2.8 (t=1.25)

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