Internal Flash Memory Type

Internal Flash Memory Type




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      Speech Synthesis LSIs with Long-time Playback
      Internal Flash Memory Type Internal P2ROMTM Memory Type


      Easily provide high quality audio solutions, decoders, amplifiers, filters, memory, all-in-one! Large-capacity products with P2ROM capable of short TAT up to 16Mbit and products with flash memory up to 32Mbit.

      For long playback speech synthesis LSIs, we have a lineup of products equipped with flash memory and products equipped with P2ROM that can be used with short TAT.
      Products with flash memory that can rewrite sound data have a ROM capacity of 4Mbit-32Mbit.
      LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™'s proprietary memory with P2ROM has a ROM capacity of 4Mbit-16Mbit.
      Large ROM capacity is ideal for long playback such as voice guidance.

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      Product Features

      Feature 1Sound data can be rewritten for products with flash

      Speech Synthesis LSI with built-in Flash memory allows data to be rewritten to the internal Flash memory via the MCU’s SPI I/F.

      The ML22Q62x allows data to be rewritten to the internal Flash memory via the MCU’s SPI I/F. In addition, sound data can be rewritten in the field even after product shipment.

      Features 2Products with P2ROM™ *1 achieve short TAT! Reduce inventory risk and delivery risk

      Comparison of development TAT

      The "ML228xx" and "ML227xx" integrate LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™’s proprietary P2ROM memory technology for storing sound data.
      This provides ROHM the capability to immediately ship prototype samples and shorten mass production TAT for customers by half.
      Development TAT can be shortened to around one month, about a quarter that of Mask ROM.
      P2ROM enables one-time writing in the customer’s environment, making it possible to verify the sound quality on the spot without taking additional time.
      (Write shipment only from ROHM for mass production)

      *1 : P2ROM™ is a registered trademark of ROHM.P2ROM Logo

      Feature 3Built-in high-output, high-efficiency Class D amp

      Built-in high-output, high-efficiency Class D amp

      Built-in high output 1W class D amplifier.
      Class D amplifiers are more efficient and generate less heat than conventional class AB amplifiers.

      Feature 4Built-in speaker fault detection function

      Disconnection/Short-circuit detection function

      Both the ML22Q62x and ML22Q66x are equipped with failure detection functions for detecting speaker disconnections and short circuits.
      This allows for immediate notification of speaker failures. Speaker output is stopped when a short-circuit is detected to prevent overcurrent.

      Applicable Models : ML22Q62x、ML22Q66x

      Feature 5Integrated mixing function for 2 internal and 1 external channel. External input is also possible, allowing the speaker amp to be used independently

      3 channel mixing and independent volume adjustment

      The ML228xx series includes a mixing function that provides simultaneous playback of 2 internal and 1 external channel while enabling the volume to be adjusted for each sound. It is also possible to prioritize each channel.
      For example, users can mix and use external voice calls while generating voice guidance and sound effects using the speech synthesis LSI. In addition, since the speaker amp function can be used independently for external sound data, it can be shared within the system as an amp to reduce costs.

      Applicable Models : ML22863、ML22864、ML22865、ML22823、ML22824、ML22825


      Long Playback Speech Synthesis LSI applications

      LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™'s Long Playback Speech Synthesis LSI is ideal for long voice guidance playback of health appliances, forklifts, elevators, card readers, etc. due to its large ROM capacity.
      Two types are available: P2ROM with short TAT and Flash memory with rewritable data.


      "LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™" is a trademark or a registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.