AC-DC-Wandler (integrierter FET)
AC-DC-Wandler (integrierter FET)

AC-DC-Wandler (integrierter FET)

ROHMs externe FET-Schaltregler für große Ströme sind mit praktisch allen Schaltnetzteilanwendungen kompatibel. Zu den Besonderheiten gehören ein weiter Eingangsspannungsbereich, eine flexible Betriebsfrequenz und ein niedriger Stromverbrauch.

Die breite Produktpalette umfasst Boost- (Aufwärts-) Regler, Buck- (Abwärts-) Regler, Buck-Boost- (Aufwärts-/Abwärts-) Regler mit integriertem FET und negative Spannungstypen. Durch die Kombination unserer erstklassigen Power-Management-AC/DC-Wandler mit kompakten Schaltern können Anwender wertvollen Platz sparen und die Anzahl der erforderlichen Komponenten reduzieren.

ROHM AC/DC Designer

ROHM AC/DC Designer easily supports circuit designs. It searches items according to the conditions in the Parameter. When the D button is clicked, it draws out the reference circuit, and automatically designs the specification of the Trans.

Parameters (Target Value)
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DIP7 SOP8 Pakage

The BM2P Series was designed for use in AC adapters, home appliances, office equipment, and the like. A low ON resistance super junction MOSFET is built in for significantly improved efficiency, ensuring compliance with the latest Energy Star* standard. Delivers an optimized power supply system for sets of all types.

*:An international environmental leveling system for energy saving in OA equipment

Feature 1 : Complies with the latest international standards for efficiency

Class-leading efficiency

For 25W adapters, simply replacing the IC itself will boost efficiency to over 87% (compared with sub-87% with conventional products). This can be increased to over 90% by optimizing the circuit (including selecting the right peripheral components). As a result, the ICs easily pass the new EnergyStar 6 requirements for efficiency.

Significantly lower standby power consumption

Power consumption during standby with a 25W adapter is less than 20mW at 100VAC and less than 30mW at 230VAC - well below the 100mW requirement set by the Energy Star 6 standard. And further improvements are possible through circuit optimization.

Feature 2 : Compact surface mount package added to the lineup

With planar-type MOSFETs commonly used in AC/DC applications, miniaturization is typically difficult due to problems associated with heat dissipation. In contrast, adopting a super junction MOSFET allows for a more compact IC design, including a small surface mount SOP8 package to complement the standard DIP7 type. The SOP8 form factor reduces mounting area by 47% over conventional models.


・PWM Current Mode method
     (PWM frequency: 65kHz, with built-in hopping function)

・Burst operation during light loads / Frequency reduction function

・650V startup circuit and switching SJ MOSFET built-in

・Multiple protection functions
     - Thermal shut down
     - Source pin open/short protection
     - Secondary overcurrent protection (64ms timer auto restore)

High-Power Insertion Type
(BM2Pxxx Series)
High-Power Insertion Type DIP7 Package
AC/DC Output Power Protection Functions MOSFET
ON Resistance
Type Name
8W Class LATCH 8.5Ω (typ.) BM2P091
Auto Restart BM2P092
  Auto Restart BM2P094
13W Class LATCH 4.0Ω (typ.) BM2P051
Auto Restart BM2P052
  Auto Restart BM2P054
19W Class LATCH 2.4Ω (typ.) BM2P031
Auto Restart BM2P032
  Auto Restart BM2P034
25W Class LATCH 1.4Ω (typ.) BM2P011
Auto Restart BM2P012
  Auto Restart BM2P014
Compact Surface-Mount Type
(BM2PxxxF Series)
Compact Surface-Mount Type SOP8 Package
AC/DC Output Power Protection Functions MOSFET
ON Resistance
Type Name
5W Class LATCH 8.5Ω (typ.) BM2P091F
Auto Restart BM2P092F
  Auto Restart BM2P094F
8W Class LATCH 4.0Ω (typ.) BM2P051F
Auto Restart BM2P052F
  Auto Restart BM2P054F

※1 BR:Brown in/out voltage protection function
※2 Vcc pin over-/under-voltage protection function

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