[Adoption Example] amnimo Inc. (Yokogawa Electric Group) Linux Gateway for Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

ROHM SiC SBDs contribute to high efficiency operation in PoE power supply circuits

amnimo Inc. (Yokogawa Electric Group) Linux Gateway for Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Adoption Background

Designed for outdoor surveillance cameras, amnimo's AG20 edge gateway device is equipped with a Linux OS that supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) capable of supplying power through LAN cables. Simply connecting an IP (network) camera to the device makes it possible to achieve a VMS (Video Management Software System) linked to amnimo’s cloud service. In addition to various terminals, edge recording is also enabled by installing an SSD, allowing for a variety of operations. During product development, power conversion efficiency of the PoE block (which consumes a large amount of power) was an issue, so we looked for a diode with 600V breakdown voltage and fast trr (Reverse Recovery Time). Unlike Si-based FRDs where trr increases with temperature, SiC SBDs can maintain high efficiency even at high temperatures and breakdown voltages, contributing to improved circuit performance.

・amnimo Inc. Development Staff

Thermal design is a major issue for outdoor products due to their harsh operating environments. As our product also serves as a power supply unit for PoE, power consumption of the entire device increases, and if the conversion efficiency is low, heat is generated internally, making it difficult to use outdoors. PoE circuits operate at relatively high voltages, so breakdown voltage is also a significant issue. ROHM SiC SBDs solve these challenges by providing high performance, not only in terms of breakdown voltage, but VF and trr as well.

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amnimo Inc. (Yokogawa Electric Group)

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