[Adoption Example] HIOKI E.E. Corp. DC Hipot Tester

ROHM SiC SBDs contribute to greater miniaturization in power supply circuits

HIOKI E.E. Corp. DC Hipot Tester

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Hioki's DC Hipot tester is capable of performing DC withstand voltage and insulation resistance testing in compliance with a variety of safety standards. In addition to generating PASS/FAIL judgments, the instrument can display and record the applied voltage and leakage current waveforms acquired during testing. The ability to visualize and analyze testing is useful from a traceability standpoint. During product development the theme was to miniaturize the power supply block, but when trying to achieve a high voltage of 8kV using silicon SBDs, heat sinks and other thermal countermeasure components were necessary that made it difficult to reduce the size of the power supply unit. Therefore, we turned our attention on SiC SBDs, which offer high withstand voltage with minimal recovery loss.

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Development Manager, HIOKI E.E. Corp.

Although there was competition from other manufacturers, the decisive factors that led to ROHM's selection included not only the specifications, but also the timely provision of samples when evaluation started and the fact that the products are manufactured using an integrated system from the front-end process. At first, we considered using other components such as Schottky barrier diodes, but the lower recovery loss and better heat dissipation provided by SiC allowed us to build a circuit without the need for a heat sink, reducing the number of components along with man-hours. As a result, we succeeded in reducing the size of the power supply block while increasing efficiency.

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