[Adoption Example] Mikuni Corp. Engine Control Unit (ECU) for Motorcycles

ROHM ignition IGBTs are used in ECUs for motorcycles in India, the world's largest market for two-wheeled vehicles.

Mikuni Corp. Engine Control Unit (ECU) for Motorcycles

Adoption Background

ROHM proposed IGBTs for driving automotive ignition coils to further enhance the competitiveness of Mikuni in India, the world’s largest two-wheeler market. The prompt support ROHM provided was also appreciated and factored into their selection. Deliveries began in 2021, with subsequent development models also scheduled to use ROHM’s IGBTs. Our IGBTs have in turn led to the adoption of IPDs (Intelligent Power Devices) and motor drivers.

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Mikuni Corp. Development Team

Expanding the sales of ECUs (Engine Control Units) in the Indian market has been challenging due to issues related to component quality and availability. We believe that ROHM's IGBTs and motor drivers provide advantages in terms of Quality, Cost, and Delivery (QCD), leading us to develop competitive products. ROHM contributed to our our smooth development by offering samples for technical evaluation and cooperating with our production plant in India.

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Mikuni Corp.

Mikuni Corp.

The Mikuni Group manufactures and sells automobile-related products mainly for fuel-injection systems in cars and motorcycles, life-related products centered on gas control appliances, and welfare care equipment such as driving assistance devices. We are also engaged in the import and sales business of aircraft parts and turf-care equipment.
Established as an import trading company in 1923, Mikuni Shoten began operating a factory in 1936 and has since grown as a "Monozukuri" company. In 2023, Mikuni celebrated its 100th anniversary.